Christian Dior has been called “The most recognized name in fashion." The man was an influential French fashion designer, best known as the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses, also called Christian Dior.

Christian's family had hopes he would become a diplomat, but Dior was artistic and wished to be involved in fashion. To make money, he sold his fashion sketches outside his house for about 10 cents each. In 1928 after leaving school he received money from his father to finance a small art gallery, where he and a friend sold art by the likes of Pablo Picasso.

From the 1930’s to the 1940’s, he worked with fashion designer Robert Piguet until being called up for military service. In 1942, having left the Army, Dior joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he and Pierre Balmain were the primary designers.

On 16 December 1946 Dior founded his fashion house. For the duration of World War II, Christian Dior labored to preserve the French fashion industry during wartime for economic and artistic reasons.

Christian Dior virtually dictated fashion styles in the 1950’s. He pioneered license agreements in the fashion business. In 1953, he hired Yves Saint-Laurent as an assistant who became head designer after Dior’s untimely death in 1957.

In the 1990’s jewelry was added Dior’s collections. In 2001 Christian Dior Haute Joaillerie, under the artistic direction of Victoire de Castellane, launched an effort to lend the Christian Dior prestige to its luxury jewelry market.

Since then the Dior line of jewelry, along with all its other lines, has grown exponentially and seen great success. Stars like Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie have also become associated with the famous House of Dior.

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Discover Dior

Jewelry by Dior is an experience in itself. At Luxury Bazaar, we have a gorgeous selection of Dior jewelry for sale online for those who want to experience luxuriousness at its finest. Browse through our collection and you’ll find items including:

We take pride in being a place where nothing is ordinary. All of our items for sale are extraordinary and for people with refined tastes. The Dior jewelry collection is no exception. The options for gemstones are almost endless, as they include topaz, tanzanite, sapphire, ruby, quartz, pearl, opal, jade, onyx, emerald and more.

You’ll be able to find finely crafted necklaces from Christian Dior that embody classic looks from the past and modern looks from the present. We also sell eye-catching pendants that leave a fabulous impression on anyone who sees them.

Choose from precious metals including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. We also have a wide variety of gemstone colors including but not limited to brown, pink, black, white, purple, blue, yellow, green and red.

If you’re looking for jewelry to impress your peers or show your spouse how much you love them, come look at our Dior jewelry collection. Check out our assortment today to find what you’re looking for.
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