The Luxury Bazaar Authenticity Guarantee

We Guarantee the Authenticity of Every Product We Offer

You can shop with absolute confidence at Luxury Bazaar. Authenticity, transparency, honesty, and integrity, are at the forefront of Our values, guaranteeing Your complete trust and satisfaction with every transaction. Our commitment to authenticity extends to providing detailed information, provenance, and certifications when available and, allowing you to make informed decisions with complete peace of mind.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our operations at Luxury Bazaar. We firmly oppose replicas and watches and jewelry items with non-genuine parts, ensuring your experience with an unwavering dedication to authenticity.  Every pre-owned watch undergoes a meticulous evaluation and authentication process by our watchmakers, preserving its value and provenance without compromise.

Authenticity Guarantee

Have complete confidence that every new or pre-owned watch or jewelry item in our collection is entirely authentic and comes with our two (2) year Luxury Bazaar warranty, offering you unparalleled peace of mind. Our dedication to genuine luxury goes beyond our curated collection and our customer service, where trust is built, one valued customer at a time.

Expert Watch Authentication

Our watch experts have a keen eye for detail and are trained to spot any indications of inauthenticity. Should any fraudulent item be identified, We act promptly to remove the item from circulation and cooperate fully with the relevant authorities to resolve the matter. Maintaining Your trust is our top priority, and We are committed to preserving it in every transaction

Inspecting & Authenticating

At Luxury Bazaar, our dedication to superior quality starts with a detailed inspection of each watch and piece of jewelry, powered by our steadfast attention to watchmakers, functionality, authenticity, and cutting-edge testing technology.

Through our strict quality control measures, we guarantee that every item aligns with the highest standards of authenticity, providing you with an unmatched luxury experience.

Our skilled team excels not just in evaluating watches but also in fulfilling any necessary repair work. Whether it’s minor upkeep or addressing damage from water or trust, we deliver a comprehensive suite of services with original parts directly from the manufacturers, ensuring your items are restored to their pristine condition.

Credible Sourcing Channels

In the intimate world of luxury watches and jewelry, trust is an invaluable and scarce asset. At Luxury Bazaar, we have devotedly built an intricate network of trusted sources, reflecting our steadfast dedication to reliability and excellence. Through years of relentless effort, we’ve forged invaluable connections with individuals who share our enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering ethical standards.

Our sourcing networks represent a proprietary tapestry, curated with meticulous precision and attention. Every collaboration is a reflection of the trust Luxury Bazaar accumulated over time, through every single transaction. We cherish our relationships with esteemed individuals, brands, and dealers, who align seamlessly with our dedication to authenticity.

For our complete authenticity guarantee please refer to our Terms & Condition