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History of the International Watch Company

The International Watch Company (IWC) has been in the watchmaking business for over 140 years.

Florentine Ariosto Jones, a 27-year-old watchmaker and engineer, envisioned IWC Watches in 1868. Jones was an American from Boston who dreamed of making authentic luxury timepieces in Switzerland. Most people of this period were venturing west, whereas Jones wanted to travel east to Switzerland. Jones desperately wanted to take his modern engineering knowledge and pair it with intricate Swiss craftsmanship to create and manufacture high-quality watches for the American market. Jones did indeed get to Switzerland, but the workers overseas were skeptical of his vision.

At the time, it was unheard of to centralize the production of watches in one place. In Switzerland, watches had been made in tiny shops or from people's homes. Today, IWC is indebted to Jones' vision and commitment to the art of watchmaking.

Luxury IWC Watches For Sale

IWC has made a commitment to making authentic luxury timepieces that are both elegant and timeless. Popular throughout the military, aviation, and sports, IWC watches were created with impeccable technology and striking designs. Different collections of IWC include diver's watches, pilot's watches, and watches with a nautical design, all of which are for sale online. IWC watches were built to be rugged even under the most extreme conditions. The Pilot’s watch, first created in 1936, served the Royal Air Force well because of its large dials and readable hour markers.

After the Pilot watch, next came the insanely popular and extraordinary Portugieser. In 1939, two Portuguese businessmen approached IWC asking for a watch with marine chronometers. The only way this could be done was using pocket watch movement in a larger than usual case setting. IWC got the job done, and the Portugieser watch was born.

The Portofino model boasts the classiest style of all the wristwatches mentioned above. Inspired by a very glamorous village in Italy, the Portofino has elegance, simplicity, and style.

IWC Watches Online

Schaffhausen, an island in Switzerland, is where IWC’s innovated and sleek watches come to life. As one of the leading brands in the timepiece industry, IWC combines engineering with exclusive designs to create watches that last for decades. Every watch produced and manufactured under the IWC name is authentic and professionally finished by an expert watchmaker. Using advanced scientific methods, 3D models, and computer analysis, IWC guarantees the highest quality for every watch produced under their name.

Today, a number of IWC watches have become collector's items. If carefully maintained, these watches could last decades. Collectors are always looking to buy rare IWC watches, which fetch high prices worldwide.

IWC timepieces were initially designed to appeal to men years ago. Ironically, today a lot of IWC models are highly attractive to the female demographic. Whether you are looking for beauty, functional design, precision, or a long service life, it will be easy to find any of these characteristics in a luxury IWC timepiece. IWC only hires those who are committed to the art of making both beautiful and functional watches.

Florentine Ariosto Jones' vision lives on. He started with a dream and built a company that has been able to make alluring, functional, and wearable luxury timepieces that are pursued internationally.
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