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Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller debuted in 2012 as one of the most innovative annual calendars on the market, and it has been one of Rolex’s flagship models ever since. Sky-Dwellers also feature dual time-zone functionality.

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One of Rolex’s most complicated modern watches, the Sky-Dweller combines a larger dress watch style with practical travel-ready functionality. Its Ring Command Bezel makes it the most user-friendly annual calendar on the market.

While the Sky-Dweller dual-time annual calendar watch was only available in gold when it was first released, Rolex has since expanded the collection to include Yellow Rolesor and White Rolesor options, which is to say a mix of steel and yellow or white gold. What’s more, Sky-Dweller watches are available with a range of dial colors and bracelet styles.

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Rolex Sky-Dweller History

Rolex unveiled the Sky-Dweller model in 2012 as one of its most complicated modern watches, featuring two time zones, a month indicator,  a date window, and a Saros annual calendar. That annual calendar mechanism means that if the watch is continuously running,  the wearer only needs to correct the watch once a year (on March 1st) because the watch will automatically accommodate for 30 or 31 days. Furthermore, the Sky-Dweller’s fluted bezel is a Ring Command bezel; turning it is how the wearer selects which of the various watch functions to set. Rolex equipped the Sky-Dweller watches with the Caliber 9001 automatic movement.

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The collection debuted with three models: one in yellow gold, one in white gold, and one in Everose gold. The yellow and white gold models were fitted with matching gold Oyster bracelets while the Everose gold version was furnished with a brown leather strap. Two years later, three more gold models joined the lineup so that each model was available with either an Oyster bracelet or leather strap. These early Sky-Dweller watches had either Arabic or Roman numerals on the dials.

The first Rolex Sky-Dwellers had either Arabic or Roman numerals at each hour.
The first Rolex Sky-Dwellers had either Arabic or Roman numerals at each hour.

In 2017, Rolex added two Rolesor (the brand’s name for mixing stainless steel and gold on one watch) versions of the Sky-Dweller, thereby dropping the entry price of the watch to make it more accessible to a larger audience. Also new at the time were the redesigned dials with baton hour markers. Rolex eventually phased out all Sky-Dweller dials with Arabic and Roman numerals in 2018.

Rolex Sky-Dweller on Oysterflex bracelet
Rolex Sky-Dweller on Oysterflex bracelet

In 2020, the Oysterflex bracelet became an option on the yellow gold and Everose gold Sky-Dweller watches and in 2021, Rolex added Jubilee bracelets as an option to the Rolesor Sky-Dweller models.

Rolex introduced a whole new generation of Sky-Dweller watches with the upgraded Caliber 9002 in 2023. This year also marked the return of the white gold Sky-Dweller.

The generation of Sky-Dwellers released in 2023 has two crowns between "Swiss" and "Made," and a mint green dial option.
The generation of Sky-Dwellers released in 2023 has two crowns between “Swiss” and “Made,” and a mint green dial option.

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Rolex Sky-Dweller Design, Features, and Options

Over the last decade, Rolex has increased the Sky-Dweller collection to not only include more materials and colors but as of 2023, all models also benefit from an updated movement.

Sky-Dweller Characteristics

  • 42mm Oyster case water resistant to 100 meters
  • Gold fluted Ring Command Bezel allowing the wearer to choose which function to adjust/set
  • 12 apertures adjacent to the hour markers to indicate the current month and date window at 3 o’clock (annual calendar)
  • Second time zone indicated via a 24-hour ring
  • Annual calendar
  • Oyster, Jubilee, or Oysterflex bracelet (leather straps are discontinued)
  • Automatic movement with 72 hours of power reserve; Caliber 9001 or 9002

Rolex Sky-Dweller Materials, Colorways, and Sizes

The Sky-Dweller is available in stainless steel with a white gold bezel, two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold, yellow gold, white gold, and Everose gold. Rolex also offers several bracelet designs within the Sky-Dweller range. However, black Oysterflex bracelets are exclusive to gold Sky-Dwellers whereas Jubilee bracelets are exclusive to Rolesor Sky-Dwellers.

There are discontinued Sky-Dweller models with leather straps. Modern Sky-Dweller dials feature lume-filled baton hour markers, however, there are older references with Arabic or Roman numeral indexes.

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Rolex Sky-Dweller Reference Numbers and Serial Numbers

Rolex has made two distinct generations of the Sky-Dweller. The first are the Sky-Dweller 326xxx references, powered by Caliber 9001. The other are the Sky-Dweller 336xxx references powered by Caliber 9002. Below are tables outlining all the Sky-Dweller references.

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Current Sky-Dweller 336xxx References (2023 to Present) with Caliber 9002

ReferenceCase MaterialBraceletDials
336934Stainless Steel and White Gold
(a.k.a. White Rolesor)
Steel Oyster
Steel Jubilee
Mint Green
336933Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold
(a.k.a. Yellow Rolesor)
Two-Tone Oyster
Two-Tone Jubilee
336938Yellow GoldYellow Gold OysterBlack
336238Yellow GoldBlack OysterflexBlack
336935Everose GoldEverose Gold OysterSlate
336235Everose GoldBlack OysterflexSlate
336239White GoldBlack OysterflexBlack

Discontinued Sky-Dweller 326xxx References (2012 to 2023) with Caliber 9001

ReferenceCase MaterialBraceletHour MarkersProduction Years
326938Yellow GoldYellow Gold OysterArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2012 – 2023
326939White GoldWhite Gold OysterArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2012 – 2018
326135Everose GoldLeather StrapArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2012 – 2020
326138Yellow GoldLeather StrapArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2014 – 2020
326139White GoldLeather StrapArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2014 – 2018
326935Everose GoldEverose Gold OysterArabic Numerals
Roman Numerals
2014 – 2023
326933Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold
(a.k.a. Yellow Rolesor)
Two-Tone OysterBatons2017 – 2023
326933Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold
(a.k.a. Yellow Rolesor)
Two-Tone JubileeBatons2021 – 2023
326934Stainless Steel and White Gold
(a.k.a. White Rolesor)
Steel OysterBatons2017 – 2023
326934Stainless Steel and White Gold
(a.k.a. White Rolesor)
Steel JubileeBatons2021 – 2023
326238Yellow GoldBlack OysterflexBatons2020-2023
326235Everose GoldBlack OysterflexBatons2020-2023

Of all the Sky-Dweller models ever made, the steel variant with a white gold bezel and blue dial stands out as the most popular. The newer mint green dial paired with the steel Sky-Dweller is also proving to be a highly coveted model.

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Rolex Caliber 9001 vs. 9002

In 2023, Rolex replaced all Sky-Dweller watches with new references, which housed the new Caliber 9002 movement. While the Caliber 9002 is an evolution of the original Caliber 9001 from 2012, there are a handful of differences between the two movements to note.

According to Rolex, Caliber 9002 benefits from the company’s latest innovations including a Chronergy escapement for more efficient delivery of energy, Paraflex shock absorbers for improved shock resistance, and a new skeletonized rotor furnished with an optimized ball bearing.

Both the Rolex Caliber 9001 and 9002 operate at a frequency of 28,800bph (4Hz) and supply the Sky-Dweller with 72 hours of power reserve. As of 2015, all Rolex watches are chronometer certified with a precision rate of −2/+2 seconds per day, after casing.

Off-Catalog Diamond Pavé Sky-Dweller Watches

Aside from the regular-production Sky-Dweller models outlined above, there are also two off-catalog Sky-Dweller watches paved in diamonds and produced in very low numbers.

The first is the white gold Sky-Dweller ref. 326959TBR with trapeze-cut diamonds set into the rotating Ring Command bezel, brilliant-cut diamonds set into the case sides and lugs, and baguette-cut diamond hour markers on the meteorite dials. Plus, the watch is paired with a white gold Oyster bracelet covered entirely in brilliant and baguette diamonds. Rolex released the Sky-Dweller ref. 326959TBR in 2021 and it retailed for over $600,000.

The other is the Sky-Dweller ref. 326259TBR, which has the same diamond and white gold case and meteorite and diamond dial as the other high-jewelry reference but this time, the watch is paired with an Oysterflex rubber bracelet fitted with a white gold and diamond clasp. Fun fact: this is the same diamond off-catalog Sky-Dweller that Drake wore in one of his music videos. Rolex also released the Sky-Dweller ref. 326259TBR in 2021 and it retailed for over $460,000.

Grey Market Sky-Dweller Watches

The price of a Rolex Sky-Dweller watch on the grey market will largely depend on the material of the watch. Stainless steel variants typically sell well above retail prices (MSRP) due to their robust demand while two-tone models and gold models will sell closer to (or even under) their original sticker prices.

It’s important to note that dial color plays a big role in the market value of a Sky-Dweller. For instance, blue dials for the steel and white gold Sky-Dwellers are exceedingly popular and, thus pricier on the secondary market. What’s more, the newest mint green dial (exclusive to the steel Sky-Dweller ref. 336934) and blue-green dial (exclusive to the Everose gold Sky-Dweller ref. 336935) command higher-than-retail prices and are more expensive than their neutral-colored dial (such as black or white) counterparts on the pre-owned market.

One major advantage of buying a Sky-Dweller from the grey market is not having to deal with so-called Rolex waitlists or being required to buy less popular watches before being granted access to the Rolex watch you actually want. In short, the grey market offers you immediate access to all the current-production and discontinued Rolex Sky-Dweller watches, sold at market prices.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How Much is a Rolex Sky-Dweller?

The retail price of a brand new Rolex Sky-Dweller starts at $15,650 for the stainless steel and white gold ref. 336934 with an Oyster bracelet. The two-tone Sky-Dweller ref. 336933 with an Oyster bracelet costs $19,250 (MSRP) whereas the gold Sky-Dweller models with rubber Oysterflex bracelets start at $41,050 (MSRP). The most expensive Sky-Dweller is the Everose gold ref. 336935 with a matching Everose gold bracelet, which retails for $50,900. However, the cost of a pre-owned Rolex Sky-Dweller watch can vary wildly on the secondary market, starting as low as $15,000 and reaching over $90,000.

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Why is the Sky-Dweller So Expensive?

The Sky-Dweller is one of Rolex’s most expensive watch models when compared to other Rolex watches with similar materials. For instance, at retail, a full yellow gold Sky-Dweller costs about $10,000 more than a full yellow gold Day-Date 40. Furthermore, a white Rolesor Sky-Dweller costs over $5,000 more than a stainless steel Datejust 41 with a white gold bezel. The full Everose gold Sky-Dweller’s retail price is more than $10,000 than that of a full Everose gold GMT-Master II. Even the sticker price of the white gold Sky-Dweller with an Oysterflex bracelet is $10,000 more than the white gold and Oysterflex Daytona chronograph.

The Sky-Dweller is so expensive because it features one of Rolex’s most complicated modern movements, which supplies the watch with a multitude of functions: dual time (GMT), date, and month, plus a Saros annual calendar. It’s also the largest Rolex dress watch available with a 42mm case size; conversely, the largest Datejust and Day-Date watches are 41mm in diameter. Finally, Sky-Dweller is one of only two Rolex watches with the innovative Ring Command Bezel (the other is the Yacht-Master II) that interacts with the movement inside the watch.

Is the Rolex Sky-Dweller Worth It?

For those who appreciate watch complications, such as an annual calendar, yes, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is worth it. Despite its hefty price tag, the Sky-Dweller does offer the wearer a slew of practical functions such as two time zones and an annual calendar (only requiring one adjustment per year) that displays the date and month. Plus, the luxurious Sky-Dweller includes signature Rolex design details such as the instantly recognizable fluted bezel and Cyclops magnification lens protruding from the crystal. Moreover, the Sky-Dweller is varied in terms of materials, dials, and bracelets, which means prices range from attainable to aspirational.

How Hard is it to Get a Rolex Sky-Dweller?

Like most Rolex watch collections, some Sky-Dweller models are harder to get than others. Namely, the stainless steel versions with select dial colors are popular and, thus, the most difficult to source at an authorized boutique. However, Rolex Sky-Dweller watches are not difficult to get on the secondary market, just be ready to pay market value, which can sometimes be much higher than the retail price.