With strong, segmented pieces, BVLGARI Jewelry is instantly recognizable. The trademark style of their pieces evokes the brand’s classical Greco-Roman influences. Based in Rome, and of Greek origin, BVLGARI is representative of those cultures, perhaps more so than any other brand. The stones chosen for each piece are authentic to the ancient styles they hail from, cut to precise shapes for intricate patterns.

BVLGARI pieces offer a certain classical elegance that resembles Mediterranean styles of times long ago, but remains rooted in the modern era. The bold power of the men’s pieces can be seen in the strong angles and clear shapes. The women’s pieces are connective, striking and bejeweled, crafted with the intention of illuminating the wearer. Each element of each piece carries the history of the Mediterranean region and the legendary quality of the BVLGARI name.

History of BVLGARI Jewelry

The BVLGARI family descends from an ancient clan of Greek silversmiths who began their craft in the small region of Epirus. The founder of the family, Sotirio, made precious objects in silver at this location.

In the mid-19th century, Sotirio immigrated to Italy, where in 1884, he opened his first jewelry shop in Via Sistina in Rome.

With the help of his sons Costantino and Giorgio, in 1905, he inaugurated the shop in Via Condotti, which is still BVLGARI’s flagship jewelry store. The BVLGARI flagship store in Rome’s Via Condotti sells a variety of high-end jewelry pieces in a range of gorgeous designs and styles.

Just like their father, the two brothers were passionate about highly valuable jewels and precious stones, which motivated them to gradually take over their father's role during the first decades of the 20th century.

During the 1950’s, BVLGARI moved away from the strict disciplines of the dominant French school to create its own unique jewelry style.

After Giorgio’s passing in 1966, Gianni and his cousin Marina took over leadership within the company. The 1970’s marked the beginning of BVLGARI’s international expansion with the opening of their first overseas store in New York, and in Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. On July 17, 1995, the BVLGARI Holding Company S.p.A. was quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange Telematic system and the International SEAQ in London.

In the early 1990’s, BVLGARI Parfums was established in Switzerland, marking the group’s entry in the high-class perfume market.

In 1997, BVLGARI introduced its first collection of silk scarves, characterized by an original design and top quality manufacturing. The first collection of leather bags and eyewear was launched in 1998, while table and giftware completed BVLGARI’s diversification program in 1999.

Today, Paolo Bulgari and Nicola Bulgari, respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman, together with their nephew Francesco Trapani, Chief Executive Officer, manage the company's operations with the commitment of serving an international market, while remaining prestigious and fine jewelers.

Based in Rome, BVLGARI jewelry is sold all over the world with pride, as one of Europe’s greatest brands.

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