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Piaget is a brand that boldly stands the test of time, in both mechanical and aesthetic design.

Georges Edouard Piaget was an extraordinary movement creator who began making high-precision movements for other prestigious brands of the era. Gaining business as well as reputation at a rapid rate, Piaget acquired widespread notoriety for having expert precision movements unmatched by rival watchmakers in Switzerland. In 1943, the expanding workshop decided to register the brand under the founder’s family name and take on watchmaking at all stages of production.

The standard for infinitely small movements has always been set by Piaget. Grandsons Gerald and Valentin Piaget carried on the family legacy by diving into geographic expansion. They were able to gain recognition internationally for Piaget’s close attention to detail on appearance and technical performance on all timepieces sold.

The two were also able to design and build movements slimmer than any other on the market and in 1957 Piaget introduced their infamous ultra-thin, hand-wound Caliber 9P: a watch with an astounding thickness of only 2mm. Just three years later, the brand unveiled the Caliber 12P (measuring only 0.3mm thicker than the Caliber 9P), which was the world’s thinnest automatic movement until Piaget beat its own record again in 2010.

Piaget was the first to use dials made of hard stone for watches, and designed and released the very first cuff watch, which became an icon in precious watchmaking. As the master of ultra-thin movements, Piaget understands how to create the slimmest profiles of all watches for sale today. They consistently pave the way for bold new designs and advances in timekeeping pieces, including creative options on dial sizes, shaped cases, materials, and displays.

Boldness for Piaget is an assertion of the brand’s independence while maintaining a subtle extravagance. They strive to introduce models that will capture the attention of each era, standing the test of time in more than just a physical manner. One of Piaget’s most iconic watches is the Piaget Polo: an avant-garde watch that was the first to thoroughly integrate its bracelet with the case. The Piaget Polo presented a level of technical refinement and aesthetic sophistication unrivaled by other brands, and set forth a movement in international watchmaking.

In the last decade, Piaget has created 30 new movements, including a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, and a dual time zone flyback chronograph. In 2012, Piaget introduced an authentic skeleton version of their accomplished thinnest automatic movement, showing off the brilliance of artistic openwork in automatic watches. One year later, Piaget set the record for the thinnest minute repeater. The 1290P Caliber has 407 working components and measures up at a mere 4.8mm in thickness, showing off a perfect miniaturization of a standard minute repeater without losing reliability or compromising on quietness.

For anyone who admires design, Piaget never ceases to amaze with the thinness and elegance of their watches. Over half of the movements made by Piaget today are ultra-thin. All of the finishes are produced according to strict traditions, and decorative operations are carried out by specialist craftsmen to ensure the finest quality for every luxury watch.

Luxury Bazaar is proud to offer only the best brands for their online shoppers. Collectors can buy authentic timepieces by Piaget known for their unique designs, including special jewelry watches like those in the Limelight line. If you are looking for an exceptional and unique watch to buy online, Luxury Bazaar has hundreds of stunning Piaget pieces for sale to suit your individual style.
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