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Many watch collectors search tirelessly online for the perfect timepiece from luxury brands that are widely known for their recent prestige, such as Tag Heuer, Omega, and Bremont. More classic brands are often preemptively overlooked by those who cannot afford highly sought-after watches like those by Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. While Zenith isn’t a brand you hear in conversation often these days, they are truly the most significant historical watch manufacturer to date and they are one of the very best regarding movements worthy of investing in at any price-point.

Georges Favre-Jacot created Zenith about 150 years ago in Le Locle, Switzerland—the birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Ahead of his time in many ways, Georges Favre-Jacot had the foresight to understand the importance of having smooth interactions between timepiece artisans in order to meet skyrocketing international demand. By housing all of the artisans working with him under one roof, Favre-Jacot revolutionized production methods and created a consistency throughout all stages of watchmaking.

Thanks to its founder, Zenith became the first authentic timepiece manufacturer in watchmaking history. Unlike other watchmakers of the era, Zenith portrayed its products as a unique work of art. During a time when branding didn’t exist, Georges Favre-Jacot believed that all visual aspects of a company (including its production) needs to harmonize with the product itself. He used advertisement and consistency to establish Zenith as exclusive from other watchmakers in the industry, effectively making Zenith the first true brands of its kind.

Since Zenith’s inception, the brand has pioneered production and development of timepieces on a grander scale. Integrating all of the aspects of watchmaking in one building allowed Zenith to create unique mechanisms that push the boundaries of time measurement, eventually leading to the invention of even more precise chronometry movements that still remain the standard for newer watchmakers and watch manufacturers.

In recent years, critics of the brand have looked down upon the aesthetic designs released, but no one can argue that what Zenith lacked in artistic stylizing, they have always made up for with accurate and innovative timekeeping. They have won more than 1,500 first place awards for precision in their various designs and over 2,300 chronometry prizes to date. Zenith was the first to patent this technology with El Primero, and was only second to formally release automatic integrated chronographs ever. More than forty years since its debut, the El Primero has maintained its status as one of the most legendary timepiece movements in horology.

Zenith remains one of the most sought after movement creators in the timepiece industry, and has even provided movements for other notable watch brands for sale, including the infamous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch. Zenith has recently patented their breakthrough Gravity Control gyroscopic module, which is a self-regulating system that surpasses the performance of current tourbillon mechanisms. This means that natural wrist movements no longer affect timekeeping by causing variations in rate.

If you are in the market for a watch, there is never a bad time to buy a Zenith. At Luxury Bazaar, we offer authentic El Primeros for sale in our online store, as well as Zenith’s Academy, Pilot, Star, and many other models from historic and modern lines. Whether you are hoping to buy a historical piece to add to your collection, or want to invest in a watch with breakthrough timekeeping movements that will last, Zenith is sure to have just the model you are looking for.
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