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Since 1860, Heuer has been creating wonderful wristwatches for the most discerning men and women. These fine watches have exhibited innovative styles, reflecting the inventive spirit of the dedicated jewelers whose work made the company known around the world for dependable, attractive timepieces.

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Heuer is famous for making the first crown-winding pocket watches, the first automobile chronograph, which records the time of a trip, and the first truly accurate stopwatch.

Through the years, the Heuer company has been acclaimed for innovations such as intricate dials that tell high tide and low tide, and indicators for the phases of the moon.

The reliability of the timepieces has been confirmed by airplane manufacturers who have used TAG Heuer clocks on their instrument panels, and Grand Prix auto racing professionals who insist on Heuer stopwatches for accuracy.

When the Tag company combined its trusted high-tech skills with the Heuer company's watchmaking talent in 1985, the name TAG Heuer became famous in the field of Swiss watches, and has continued as a company known everywhere for the finest quality watches to buy. Their limited edition watches are fascinating for their innovative designs.

TAG Heuer is now widely acclaimed not only in the western world, but in Asia as well. Movie stars in India have endorsed the Heuer wristwatches and many consumers around the world look to buy timepieces of the label.

A wide variety of colors and beautiful patterns are available to buy. Whether the preference is for a comfortable timepiece suitable for aquatics, or an impressive evening wear piece adorned in jeweled splendor, TAG Heuer has unique creations to impress the most discerning eye.

Luxurious diamond wristwatches will capture the attention of everyone, as the world renowned TAG Heuer crafting has produced a definite elegance found nowhere else.

Watch designs in this collection include everything from the exhibit of fascinating, complicated features, to other, more simplified creations that nevertheless have the original, pleasing qualities and charm that have made the TAG Heuer company famous.

Precious metals and jewels in TAG Heuer timepieces are combined tastefully in patterns never seen before, to exude a splendorous ornamental quality. While tremendously appealing for their richly jeweled presentation, these watches also instill confidence to those who buy and wear them. Their enduring craftsmanship has created unbeatable accuracy combined with true beauty.

Ladies love the pink faces on some of the TAG Heuer watches, ringed with circular rows of diamonds, while men often prefer the intricate pattern of instruments and readings on other watches that are encased in solid silver and gold.

For every taste and for every use, the TAG Heuer line of watches is made with perfection and true individuality.
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