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A true symbol of fashion, elegance, and grace, through the decades Chanel has continued to dazzle the world with its timeless jewelry pieces and accessories. Derived in Switzerland, Chanel watches hit the scene in 1987 when the brand released its first watch collection, the Première. Designed by Jacques Helleu, the Premiére embodied all of which the Chanel brand was known for. The design was similar to the Chanel N°5 perfume bottle, rectangle in shape with cut off corners. Opposite of many others in the watchmaking industry, Chanel placed aesthetics in front of technology. Still very popular today, the authentic Premiére collection remains an integral part of the Chanel brand.

Today, you can buy Chanel Première watches online with the option of a glossy black lacquered dial or a white iridescent pearl dial. The Première collection also features two different case sizes and can be purchased in 18K yellow gold and steel, with or without diamonds surrounding the dial. As one of the most versatile watches on the market today, Chanel has created one of the most stunning timepieces of all time with the Première.

J12 Collection Online

Following the Première, the Chanel J12 collection was launched in 2000 by designer Jacques Helleu. Very different from its predecessor, the Première, the J12 manifests a chic and sporty allure, later to become the first watch icon of the 21st century. Made of authentic ceramic materials, this sporty watch can be worn casually or for a night out on the town. It took designer Helleu 7 years to secure a stable ceramic with characteristics close enough to that of a diamond.

Over the years, the J12 collection saw many more models on top of its black and white sporty ceramic timepieces. Equally stylish for both women and men, any watch from the J12 collection is a jewel on the wrist. Buy Chanel watches online today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Authentic Mademoiselle Privé Chanel Watches

Romantic, whimsical, feminine, the Mademoiselle Privé collection was launched in 2012. Created purely with a woman’s interest in mind, this collection is a highly decorated gem-set, and is the epitome of delicacy. These timepieces feature a round casing and are available in white gold and yellow gold. Crafted with high-end expertise, the Mademoiselle collection boasts an assortment of fine materials and brilliant cut diamonds. Coco Chanel’s inspiration for the varying Mademoiselle designs came from camellias, astrology and the stars, and chinoiserie. This collection is now for sale online for your utmost convenience.

Every Chanel watch goes through several quality tests to ensure that the watch will function to its optimum performance before it's placed on the market to buy. All of the Chanel timepieces, whether made for men or women, will have the luxury, beauty, and grace that is shared among all other Chanel products in the world.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have an extensive collection of authentic Chanel timepieces available to buy. To buy one of the lavish timepieces by Chanel, view our assortment in our online inventory.
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