Based in Rome since 1884 Bulgari has been creating fine jewelry – today it has diversified its luxury jewelry to include a portfolio of watches, accessories, fragrances, etc. all featuring exceptional quality, innovative style and design.

Bulgari has been known for and distinguished by its large and exceptionally rare gems and by its ability to combine, in harmony both the traditional and contemporary. .

During the 1940s, Bulgari introduced their first timepiece, the snake-watch, which was inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920s. It was unique and extravagant, with bold coils of gem studded gold. Bulgari’s snake-watch quickly became an unmistakable attribute of jewel-watches. .

In the 1960s Bulgari's clientele included Italian nobility, South American political figure Evita Peron, American businessmen, like Nelson Rockefeller and Woolworth's founder Samuel Henry Kress, and the U.S. Ambassador to Italy Clare Boothe Luce. In the 1970s Bulgari opened its first international store in New York, and later in Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo. Bulgari re launched the snake-watch with the "Tubogas", a flexible elastic gold bracelet entirely hand-made. .

Though the company had made and sold pocket, lapel, and wrist watches throughout its history, Bulgari did not introduce a major collection of timepieces until the late 1970s. The simple lines of the "BVLGARI-BVLGARI" wristwatch, which featured a black face encircled by a gold band, would become the company's most-recognized and highest-selling watch.

Another important design was Bulgari's snake watch, which evolved from the jewel-encrusted, Art Deco snake of the 1920s (its hinged head concealed a watch face), into a highly stylized coil bracelet set with an exposed face. .

Bulgari Watches combine the extraordinary creativity and impact of Italian design with the famous and traditional Swiss watchmaking expertise. They are made to the highest levels of precision and to the most stringent quality standards adopted in Swiss watch making.
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