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Breitling watches include some of the most iconic luxury sports watches on the market today, such as the Navitimer and the Chronomat.

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While Breitling is known for large, bold luxury sports watches, they’ve also released some subtle, classy luxury watches in recent years.

Breitling History Timeline

1884Léon Breitling founds his company, focusing on precision pocket chronographs.
1915Breitling makes wristwatch history by releasing a chronograph with two separate pushers, a significant innovation at the time.
1941Breitling buys a patent for a chronograph watch with a slide-rule bezel, then releases the Chronomat the following year.
1952The Navitimer, a pilot’s watch with a slide rule specifically for navigation, is introduced.
1962Scott Carpenter orbits the earth with a custom 24-hour-dial Navitimer on his wrist.
1969Along with Hamilton-Büren, Dubois Dépraz and Heuer-Leonidas, Breitling helps create the self-winding chronograph movement.
1979Ernest Schneider acquires Breitling at the height of the quartz crisis.
1984Breitling introduces a new Chronomat as the face of their relaunched brand.
1995The Emergency watch, equipped with a micro-transmitter for remote location signaling, is introduced.
2017The Schneider family sells 80% of their share in Breitling to CVC Capital Partners, and the remaining 20% the following year.
2017Georges Kern is appointed as the CEO of Breitling, setting the stage for some more subtle Breitling releases as well as their e-boutique.
2022Partners Group acquires a majority stake in Breitling. CVC retains a minority stake.
2023Breitling acquires Universal Genève.
Breitling history

In terms of sales, Breitling consistently ranks as one of the world’s top 10 luxury watch brands.