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After years of precise engineering and design, the fine series of Bell & Ross watches is available for sale at Luxury Bazaar for those who have a deep appreciation for quality and who dare to lead the most adventurous of lives. The same time-honored design that has withstood the rigors of air travel, underwater diving and space exploration can be worn as you navigate through the trials and triumphs of your own life. For work and for play, Bell & Ross designs the luxury timepieces that let you live out all of your most exhilarating escapades.

Authentic Bell & Ross watches offer all of the grandeur of a high-end watch with the power and precision of a meticulously engineered machine. These luxury timepieces will handle high altitudes, extreme acceleration and Arctic temperatures with ease. They have been worn by pilots, astronauts, bomb-squad experts and every type of adventurer in between. The process of creating a single Bell & Ross watch requires the meticulous assembly of up to 350 individual parts. Impeccable European engineering and the principles of aviation controls and Swiss chronograph movements have been integrated to create a superior piece of mechanical perfection. The result is an impressive watch, suitable for the most commanding men.

The Vintage Collection is inspired by military watches, offering a timeless and authoritative style. The WWI and WW2 lines artfully blend the classic appearance of watches from that time period with unsurpassed modern craftsmanship.

The Aviation Collection is for a man who maneuvers through life like a pilot. This limited edition series of timepieces captures the look of authentic aviation instruments such as the Radar, Airspeed and Turn Coordinator.

The Aviation BR-X1 Collection is a stunning collection of highly limited pieces that draw inspiration from the aeronautics industry with elegant and intricately designed watch faces.

The BR 02 Diver Collection features watches that are suitable for both the underwater enthusiast and those who appreciate the clean lines and versatility of a diver watch. With water resistance of up to 1000 meters, these watches will be certain to withstand any undersea adventure.

The BR-S Collection was created for intrepid men and women who value refinement and precision. This line of timepieces features the distinctive shape of the classic Bell & Ross watches, but with a smaller case for those who prefer a more subtle sense of sophistication.

The Tourbillon Collection masterfully combines the rugged appeal of a carbon fiber dial with luxurious 18K rose gold for a watch that is as commanding as it is beautiful. The hands are also made of carbon fiber with a photo-luminescent coating to aid in reading in dim light.

The Grand Minuteur Collection is in a class of its own. These exquisite timepieces offer a slight variation on the iconic Bell & Ross case design with a slightly wider shape. The small seconds lend an air of dignity, while the tourbillon ensures the utmost precision in timekeeping.

Bell & Ross offers luxury timepieces with unprecedented, refined durability not only for the life you live, but for the life you dream of living. Browse all of the available Bell & Ross collections for sale at Luxury Bazaar.
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