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One of the famed British names in horology and invention, Arnold & Son has roots dating back nearly 250 years. Indeed, the watchmaker for whom the brand is named played a significant role in developing the perfect marine chronometer in the 1760s. Today, the brand pays homage to the watchmaking prowess initiated by its forefather.

The Arnold & Son dynasty began in 1764 when John Arnold, a young clockmaker in London, first became noticed for his talents by King George III—who asked Arnold to join his courts. Throughout his career, Arnold was intent on trying to solve the problem of finding longitude at sea, and worked diligently on creating seafaring timepieces. From 1767 on, he ran several trials with clocks on board ships at sea. Each one led him to new horological inventions, including the spring detent escapement, the bimetallic spring and the helical balance spring. He even produced a pocket chronometer watch.

John Arnold’s technical expertise was superb, and he dedicated himself to creating timepieces for the ships of His British Majesty. In 1787, with the help of his son, he founded Arnold & Son. Their timepieces accompanied some of the most illustrious English explorers—Sir Ernest Shackelton, Captain Cook and Captain Phipps—on their famed expeditions. Arnold & Son’s chronometers would eventually set sail with the British Royal Navy, a sign of which watchmaker produced the most precise timekeeping in that day.

Today, Arnold’s dream of perfection is accessible through Swiss manufacturer The British Masters SA. Because the brand produces its own authentic movements in-house, Arnold & Son is among the few brands that hold the distinction of manufacture, a French term for the most virtuous of watchmakers.

This company dedicated three years of relentless work to the rejuvenation of the English luxury watchmaking. In 1998, The British Masters presented the Arnold & Son collection to the world.

Arnold & Son watches recall the world of the Navy with their precision timekeeping and complicated movements. Inspired by adventure and the challenges of navigation, Arnold & Son watches combine the brand’s legendary efficiency with a classically elegant appeal.

The technicians of The British Masters—the company responsible for restoring several other forefathers of British horology to their former glory—insist that each of the timepieces presented by Arnold & Son offer the complexities that are necessary to the worldly traveler.

Among the timepieces are a tourbillon, a Deck Marine Timekeeper, a GMT, a triple-time-zone watch and a Longitude Timekeeper—all created in the Arnold & Son tradition of technical ingenuity and innovation. Every watch in the Arnold & Son collection for sale is produced in a limited edition using only the finest materials—platinum, 18-karat gold or steel.

The brand is built on technical prowess. Its Longitude Timekeeper (launched in 1999) set the standards for all Arnold & Son watches of the future. It remains one of the strongest timepieces in the line.

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