Iridium Razor by Zafirro is the World's Most Expensive at $100K


Iridium Razor by Zafirro is the World's Most Expensive at $100K


With the industry never slowing down, I find there's always something interesting to blog about in the world of luxury watches. But when I see a different example of fine aesthetics and engineering (or just excessively expensive) It's always fun to share it. For placing form, function and style over the principal of cost, like many high-end watches or exotic sports cars, this new razor by Zafirro is a  perfect example. Made with rare Iridium with a sapphire blade, this razor is limited to 99 pieces and and costs $100,000. Zirfirro also has made other less extravagant models, with the Iridium version the showcase of how far they can go. They have a luxury gold version selling for $18,000 and a functional titanium version for $2000, still both of the highest standard of quality imaginable for a razor. Zirfirro razors have only started to hit the market this year, but the recently released titanium version has already completely sold out in just the pre-sale and dozens of orders for the limited Iridium model. Like with many premium luxury products, their is always a market for the best of the best, so below are the three best razors today. And if you can believe it, all with only two blades!!

Zafirro Razor

The Zafirro Razor Blade

For each Zafirro razor, the same blade is used. One that you will never have to replace. Each of the two blades is cut out of a single piece of white sapphire. They are hypoallergenic, unaffected by oxidation and corrosion and are more durable than any other shaving blade. The sapphire blade is sharpened with high-energy ionized particles that result in a edge less than 100 atoms across, which is 5000 times thinner than a human hair. The blades are held in a medical grade stainless steel cartridge with 16 neodymium magnets.

Zafirro sapphire razor blades and head.

Zafirro Iridium

The Iridium razor is made by Zafirro's seven man in-house team in Portland, Oregon, but dozens of experts were used to create the Iridium. Experts ranged from fields such as nano-technology, particle physics and rocket engines over a three year R&D period. Iridium is a sliver-white looking metal, similar to platinum, but ten times rarer. Iridium is one of the densest elements, is the most corrosion-resistant metals known to man and can take temperatures as high as 2000 °C. Being one of the rarest elements found in the earth's crust, its existence is mainly due to fallen meteors, with only 3 tons worth produced every year. Iridium is the strongest while still functional metal and is commonly used for aerospace, nano-tech, bio-tech and high end medical equipment. It is used for the core and spine of the razor, with  medical grade stainless steel as the chassis around it. Besides its cost, this has created the world's strongest and longest lasting razor.

Zafirro Iridium Razor

The screws used are almost as rare, being made out of 99.95% pure platinum, which is purer than even the most expensive watch or piece of jewelry. The hexigonal screws are machined to the tightest fit possible with CNC Swiss screw micro-machines, which are normally used for advanced nano or bio-tech applications. Each of the 99 is permanently engraved with a serial number for authenticity and can also be personally monogrammed.

Platinum screws in the Zafirro Iridium razor.

Like the best of luxury watches, this razor is designed to last for generations, with it being passed onto you son. With this said, Zafirro provides 20 years of complimentary servicing and professional cleaning for the Iridium model. So make sure you don't forget it in your hotel bathroom.

Zafirro Gold

This model features the same sapphire blade and medical grade stainless steel chassis, but with a sold 18k gold core and spine. This is for those who want the traditional luxury appeal of gold with the best quality razor. It sells for $18,000 with a four year service and cleaning plan.

The Zafirro razor in gold.

Zafirro Titanium

This model again features the same sapphire blade and stainless steel chassis, this time with a titanium core and spine. The titanium used is grade 38, which is the most advanced and highest grade titanium allow, used mainly for aerospace and advanced military applications. Already sold out in pre-launch, this is the most accessible and functional of their models, with a sticker price of $2,000. This comes with a two year service and cleaning plan.

The Zafirro razor in titanium.

Hope you enjoyed this new high-end brand of razor with it's sublime look, skilled craftsmanship and everlasting design. As with many  luxury artisan products, such as watches, jewelry and automobiles, there will be people who value the best craftsmanship,using the best materials, to produce the best product and are willing to pay a premium for it. In the marketing arms race of multi-multi-blade razors with added gimmicks like built-lubricators and vibrating blades, Zafirro's already strong sales have shown there is a demand for their simple design the best quality materials and construction. They plan to release a new product in 2012, no word on if it's a new razor or another product entirely. Hopefully it isn't just the "New Zafirro razor, now with three blades!"

For more info, please visit Zafirro's website.

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The Zafirro razor, made with iridium, is the world's most expensive at $100,000

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