A Simple Guide on How to Spot a Real Rolex From a Fake


A Simple Guide on How to Spot a Real Rolex From a Fake

How To Spot a Fake Rolex Luxury Bazaar

As a status symbol known around the world for its luxe designs, prestige, and unwavering durability, a Rolex timepiece is a lifelong investment that’s well worth its price tag. Made from the finest materials available such as gold, platinum, and even a stainless steel called 904L, each Rolex is carefully crafted to perfection, ensuring the utmost quality and nothing less.

When it comes to purchasing an authentic Rolex watch for sale, the demand has always been higher than the supply. So, it’s not a surprise that wristwatches from this luxury brand are some of the most counterfeited on the market.

Therefore, how will you know if your Rolex is real or fake? Well, we here at Luxury Bazaar would like you to consider some of these key indicators that might imply your new Rolex isn’t the real deal.

First, you want to take note of “the look” of the Rolex. It’s case back, engravings, metal quality, and magnification are good places to start when deciphering if your new watch is genuine.

Case back: A real Rolex will not have a clear case back, with the exception of a few vintage models produced in the 1930’s. If you can see the watch’s movement through the case back, it’s a fake replica.

Metal Quality: As previously mentioned, the Rolex brand prides itself on offering only stainless steel, 18K gold, or platinum timepieces, which are nothing short of extraordinary. If you find your new Rolex purchase is 14K gold, gold-plated, or even slightly faded in color - it’s most likely fake.

Magnification:  A telltale sign that you have a real Rolex is the magnifying Cyclops lens that appears over the watch’s date. The lens should be convex and make the date really jump out and appear 2.5 times larger, taking up the entire glass bubble. If the date is ever difficult to see, or the Cyclops window is flat, you may have a counterfeit Rolex on your hands.

Next, it’s time to investigate “the feel” of the Rolex. This includes its grooves, engravings, and substantial heft that the brand is known for.

Heft: Because Rolex watches are made from solid pieces of gold, platinum, 904L stainless steel, and other fine materials, there’s no doubt that they’re going to be on the heavier side. You will be able to feel this extra weight coming right from the center of the movement, and if you don’t, chances are you’ve got an imposter on your wrist.

Fine Details: If there is ever a question about the quality of your Rolex, like sharp edges, a dull shine, or inaccurate markings, it’s likely not a real Rolex. Highly known for their utmost quality and uncompromising attention to detail, anything less than perfect is not a true Rolex.

Rolex watches are renowned for their smooth, almost melodic ticking sounds. To be honest, you shouldn’t hear much, and if you do, it’s probably fake. Furthermore, Swiss-made watch movements are continuous, and to the naked eye never “jump.” A legitimate Rolex movement ticks 28,800 times per hour, which is very hard to achieve.

Finally, to ensure your Rolex is 100% real, it must contain certain markings such as a model and serial number, sharp engravings, and dial lettering.

The Serial & Model Numbers: Deeply and perfectly etched in a very fine font you will find the model number between the lugs at 12 o’clock and the serial number between the lugs at 6 o’clock. These numbers, when at the right angle, will glow in the dark, proving you have a real Rolex. Fake pieces have incorrect model numbers which can easily be detected by searching on Google or another search engine.

Luxury Bazaar is a proud authorized dealer of used and new Rolex watches for sale, and we always ensure our wristwatches are 100% authentic. To see our extensive inventory of Rolex brand timepieces, please feel free to browse our site.

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