Inspired by Nature’s most exquisite creatures an idea was born to create jewelry that was both breathtaking and exceptional. Jewelry that transforms the richness of Nature into pieces of mesmerizing beauty to be worn and admired. The Collections in our range reflect just that – exquisite creatures such as fish, seahorses, butterflies, plants brought to life by groundbreaking designers of exceptional skill.

These distinctive pieces feature diamonds of astonishing brilliance and gemstones that capture a kaleidoscope of colors – scintillating stones that bring out and preserve the beauty in the designs. The pure excitement and timelessness of the creations take wing to showcase magical creatures that will enchant and delight the wearer. Each design emulates Nature closely to bring life to jewelry of spectacular proportions.

Each piece is hand-made by craftsmen who are experts in the art of cutting and setting precious gemstones. These stunning designs capture life’s most meaningful moments meant to be treasured – they are elegant and glamorous and at the same time are exceptional and unique.

Maggioro epitomizes luxury that can be appreciated for its timelessness and fabulous beauty. There are extraordinary shades of blues, greens, yellows and pinks with diamonds of such brilliance that ignite passion. Maggioro presents Collections that are showstoppers – unique and exquisite.
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41 Item(s)

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