The LAGOS jewelry brand was founded in 1977 by namesake Steven Lagos; a man who believes that, “jewelry is one of the most personal, significant forms of art”. Being a very sensory inspired person, Lagos pulls much of his inspiration from the sights and sounds he experiences on his numerous journeys around the world. He utilizes the stimulation around him to create designs which are perfect for women who are smart, strong and have integrity; all values which Lagos uses to define his company. His jewelry designs are quite beautiful, yet always somewhat understated so their style will transcend time, and they will remain treasured keepsakes for many generations.

Most fine jewelry brands have a signature design they are best known for, and LAGOS’ signature Caviar inspired jewelry is truly exceptional. Sculpturally, the caviar design is quite intricate and provides rich textural accents that delicately caress the skin. The amount of “caviar” detailing on LAGOS’ designs varies by collection and is either quite prominent, or a subtle accent that only a LAGOS fan would notice. If you are, or know a woman with timeless elegance and grace, feel free to browse our collection of this fine jewelry to find something perfect for a “LAGOS lady”.
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