For more than 135 years Wempe has been setting trends and demanding attention in the world of exquisite timepieces and jewelry. On May 5, 1878 the company was founded by its namesake Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe. With only 80 deutsche marks of starting capital, it is hard to believe that the Wempe of 1878 is the same internationally renowned business that is so popular today. After enjoying sixteen years of success in his hometown Elsfleth, Germany, Wempe decided to continue on his path to success which led him to open up shop in Oldenburg, Germany. The opening of this shop brought Wempe even more success and subsequently he opened one shop and then four more shops in Hamburg. These strategic business moves officially solidified the brand?s place in the German luxury market. Today, Wempe is still the epitome of German luxury. With a showroom in Asia, boutique in New York City, an observatory in Glash
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