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Victorinox Knives


Brand History

If you think of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox is the brand to know and love, with renowned history and excellence since the patent in 1897, and craftsmanship since 1884. Their heritage is what propels them as a successful brand today, focusing on quality and innovation and never straying from their roots. The brand was founded with integrity and family values.

The true Victorinox began in 1884, when Karl Elsener, a local craftsman, opened a cutler’s workshop in Switzerland. This business helped combat poverty in Switzerland by creating jobs and limiting emigration, and their Swiss roots were firmly planted during a challenging time. The “Swiss Army Knife” came about in 1891, when they began supplying the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army. This also expanded into the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife in 1897 (including a patent for these products), and this set the stage for their later flourishment in the world arena. These original products established the future for a brand with deep Swiss roots and solid values, reliable enough for soldiers and workers alike.

Karl Elsener Founder


The brand name is inspired by Elsener’s mother, Victoria, and felt the cross and shield iconography perfectly reflected the military roots of the knife company, as well as the heart and values. Then, in 1921, when stainless steel (or Inox) was invented, the name evolved to combine the two: family roots and innovative technology. Stainless steel revolutionized the Victorinox brand knives, allowing for a long-lasting product. Automated assembly began in 1931 with the world’s first all-electric hardening plant, leading to a consistently high quality. This was just another hallmark of innovation for the brand. The knives were a popular souvenir during World War II, and this is part of the reason the brand became global, and highly recognized in the United States. Many soldiers loved the utility of the piece and wanted to bring it home to America.


Victorinox now makes five different categories of products, like fragrance and watches, but their knives are truly the iconic and best know product of the brand, and definitely the best selling. They are worldwide, operating in over ten countries as an international, pioneering brand on the global stage. They have 70 stores worldwide, all steeped in tradition and tailored to the customer experience, including some iconic shops in Japan. In 2017, they produced their 500-millionth original Swiss Army Knife, a hallmark for the brand and a testament to their legacy.


Price and Value

Victorinox is devoted to making their products in Switzerland, even to this day with their global presence. While it is easy to go over the top, they are looking for the best solution with an ideal function and perfect shape, leading to durable products that are also stylish. They have received endless accolades, including from the New York Museum of Modern Art for design quality, the Design Museum of London, and the Swiss National Museum. The cost of these knives range anywhere from $20 to $150, depending on the style and number of functions. With the increase in price comes a worthwhile increase in usability.


With this purchase, you can also know you’re supporting a piece of art. Victorinox has inspired many artists throughout time, solidifying the value of the pieces. In turn, they are also used by many famous artists and designers to make for beautiful work. The versatility of a Victorinox Knife is endless, and worth every penny.


Key Styles

The style of Victorinox is innovative and unique, just like the brand as a whole. The brand is fully inspired by the high quality of Switzerland life, with the beautiful scenery and immense details. The details follow through in the designs and styles.


Pocket Knives

 Swiss Army Knife

Pocket knives are the most classic style of the brand, and these are the classic Swiss Army Knife style. They come in a variety of sizes (small, medium, or large), and each of these styles have their own variety of tools. The small knives might just have a knife, scissors, and nail file, while the large knives could have up to 15 different tools. These knives come in a variety of materials, like alox or wood, and also there are a variety of special edition patterns that make each Swiss Army pocket knife unique. Whether it’s with the National Parks or up and coming artists, you’re likely to find a pocket knife that fits your needs with tools, as well as your sense of style.



 Swss Card

SwissCards are an innovative take on the classic Swiss Army Knife, keeping all the tools you need to effectively work in one compact, credit card style box. The small size holds an unbelievable amount of supplies, allowing you to go on adventures and always be prepared, with everything stored just inside your wallet. The color options are more limited in this line, though there are still unique collaborations. The cards come in Classic, Nailcare, and Lite, fitting whatever your needs are.



 Kitchen Knife

A different kind of knife, Victorinox also makes cutlery for the kitchen and meals. Their high-quality standards and years of knife making experience translate well into this realm. These pieces include table cutlery, professional knives, knife blocks, and tools like brad and steak knives. The styles are modern and elegant, with sleek handles (and some wooden designs). Kitchen superstars love these knives, and they’re a worthwhile investment to a chef’s kitchen (home or professional).



 Swiss Tool

A rendition of the Swiss Army Knife or SwissCard, SwissTools is the ultimate, multi-use pocket tool. It’s compact, with every tool locking into its own position, yet has a lot of different features to be versatile in a variety of situations. The tools have a masculine and modern look to them that is clean, functional, yet stylish. Most of the tools also come with a fine crafted leather belt pouch, so you can have your tool wherever you go.



With their Swiss roots and 130-year history, it’s not a surprise they have a sustainable approach and deep connection to nature. They responsibly treat resources as they build a knife empire. They have won a variety of awards and standards, like REACH, Resy, and Green Dot, European and international awards and standards for sustainable production. They’ve also partnered with Climate Expedition ToptoTop to support their vision despite their obstacles.


Materials, Care, Technology

Materials of the Victorinox Knives are pioneering and use stainless steel, but also move beyond that. They like to combine design with performance, and to do that, they also use durable carbon composite and patterned damast steel. Natural wood and alox also play a role in these beautiful legacy knives.

 Legacy Knife

The technology is simple yet effective, and even Nasa and other military groups love these knives. Most Swiss Army Knives have a variety of functions, some up to 15. This includes technology like an orange peeler, cuticle pusher, screwdriver, knife, ruler, and bottle opener. With one of these knives, you can do just about anything! To care for these watches, make sure to read the warranty and clean all your tools after use. Since it is stainless steel, simple soap and water (with a good dry) should do the trick.


Social Commitment 

A company that has been around so long has a strong social commitment to giving back and living up to their responsibility. As an independent family run company, 90% of stock shares are held by the Victorinox Foundation, but 10% of the shares are held by nonprofit organizations that support a variety of charitable projects. They also founded a Carl & Elise Elsener Gut Foundation to support additional charitable projects: giving back is a key part of the brand. Since the products are made in Switzerland, the highest ethics of production and labor are upheld. Their production videos and media are a great way to gain insight in this process.