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If you’re a fashionista or luxury timepiece enthusiast trying to find a place to buy authentic Vacheron Constantin watches for sale online, Luxury Bazaar has many of the brand's astounding luxury watches available. In fact, we have Patrimony watches, Overseas watches, many Overseas Chronographs, as well as pieces available from Vacheron Constantin’s other exquisite collections.

About Vacheron Constantin - One of the Oldest Luxury Watch Manufacturers

Vacheron Constantin was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755. The company has been credited with creating the first complication watches, some of the first quarter-repeater watches and first engine-turned dials. As anyone who owns a Vacheron Constantin timepiece may know, the company is also known for creating some of the most expensive timepieces available today.

Vacheron was in his twenties when he first started created and selling watches. Although he was relatively inexperienced compared to other watchmakers at the time, he had one unique vision - he wanted to create timepieces that would truly be timeless. And, despite time and wars, his watches have truly stood up to these tests, and have been passed from generation to generation. Ultimately, not only did Vacheron create watches, his vision helped to unravel a legacy of haute horology. Therefore, it's no wonder why the brand's timepieces continue to be one of the most desirable accessories for both men and women.

Once Jean-Mark Vacheron passed, his son Abraham took over the company. In 1814, the mantle then passed to Jacques Barthelemy Vacheron, who immediately determined that it was time to find a partner if he wanted his family's legacy to survive. Eventually, in 1819, Vacheron met Francois Constantin, a son of a wealthy grain merchant, who became Vacheron's first partner. Because of this partnership, the company underwent a name change—which is the name we know it by today—Vacheron Constantin.

Through the years, the company has been owned and operated by many Vacheron and Constantin heirs, including two women who successfully guided the company into the 20th Century. Today, Vacheron Constantin produces almost 20,000 one-of-a-kind timepieces every year, and has continued to see steady growth and profits. They are even known for manufacturing a limited number of ultra-complicated watches, many of which the most elite members of society have only been able to purchase.

Since Vacheron Constantin’s founding, the brand has held some unique values that differ from those of other Swiss watchmakers. Technologically, their timepieces continue to include chronographs, perpetual calendars, jumping hours, and moon-phases. While the watches have certainly evolved with the times, their appeal has not wavered. The brand continues to offer an aesthetic excellence that resonates with many sophisticates, which has enabled their timepieces to continue to be highly sought-after accessories. In all, if you have a Vacheron Constantin timepiece, you hold an accessory that is truly an ultimate expression of the watchmaking art.

If you are looking buy authentic Vacheron Constantin watches, shop our extensive online inventory now. We always have a variety of Patrimony watches, Overseas watches, and Overseas Chronographs available at special prices. To speak with us regarding one of our Vacheron Constantin timepieces, please also feel free to call or email us here at Luxury Bazaar.
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