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After leaving Europe in 1969 to embark on his pursuit of the American Dream, Haig Tacorian settled in California with his wife, Gilda. A seasoned jewelry salesman, Tacorian paid for his college tuition with this paycheck, but he soon realized his jewelry passion ran much deeper. Shortly after, the Tacori brand was born.

Tacori is an American fine jewelry company that specializes in the production of high-end platinum and diamond engagement jewelry. Tacori’s headquarters located in Glendale, California, draws inspiration for its jewelry pieces from the natural beauty of this rich and diverse state.

One of the first designs Tacori released to the US market was a sleek line of handcrafted bridal jewelry. The crescent design featured diamonds on the inner face of the ring, accented by open, curved designs. Little did Tacorian know, the crescent design would end up being the brand’s most sought-after style of engagement ring.

Tacori Jewelry Creation Process

Utilizing the latest equipment available, the Tacori brand is the first jewelry company in the world to use an upgraded high-powered CPX machine. In as little as 20 hours, over 500 prototype designs can be produced. This new technologically advanced way of creating jewelry prototypes allows Tacori to make special orders and more high-quality designs.

After the designs are produced, the images are put into a 3D mold where gold, platinum, or silver is selected for the base. After the ring is produced, it is polished to perfection with a hand machine polisher by an expert jewelry artisan.

Tacori Crescent Signature Collection

The Crescent Signature Collection embodies beauty, style, and grace with its half-moon patterns and brilliant diamond placements. Intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans, the Tacori Crescent Signature is distinctive and includes unmistakable half-moon arc designs. With somewhat of a vintage feel, rings in the Crescent Collection have both an heirloom quality and a classic modern charm.

Buy Tacori Blooming Beauties and Full Bloom Collection

Another superb addition to the already impressive line of Tacori jewelry, the Blooming Beauties collection sports a glimmering double halo with the center diamonds “double bloomed.” Engagement rings belonging to the Blooming Beauties collection are perfectly paired with a classic crescent foundation for a ring of exceptional beauty.

A Full Bloom Tacori ring is a girl’s dream come true. The next step up from the Blooming Beauties collection, the Full Bloom designs are bigger, bolder, and full of brilliance, giving the appearance of a larger gemstone. For a delicate floral feel, you can’t go wrong with an exquisite engagement ring from the Full Bloom Collection.

Shop Tacori Jewelry at Luxury Bazaar

Even though the brand initially gained its fame from its bridal jewelry, they currently also create other types of fine jewelry with shining metals and lustrous gemstones. Our current selection of Tacori jewelry at Luxury Bazaar includes sophisticated drop earrings, unique pendants, and rings set with magnificent gems. Be a part of the Tacori legacy by purchasing a handcrafted ring for yourself or the special lady in your life. Please feel free to browse our current selection of this extraordinary jewelry brand.
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