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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

History of Swarovski

            Swarovski crystal and jewelry has a rich history beginning in the 19th century, when in 1895, Daniel Swarovski, based in Austria, invented a special crystal cutting and polishing machine after apprenticing with his glass cutter father. This simple invention was what revolutionized the crystal world, in both jewelry and beyond. From Daniel Swarovski’s invention came a crystal empire.

Daniel Swarovski - Founder of Swarovski Crystal

            After this invention, Swarovski became deeply intertwined with Haute Couture. Charles Frederick Worth, one of Swarovski’s friends, used the crystals to create elite, stunning dresses, even worn by Queen Victoria. Crystals were more than just objects, they were couture embellishments with great versatility. 

            Then, in the 1920s, when the glamour of the gilded age hit a peak, the brand hit another major spike in popularity. Flapper girls, Jazz singers, and more loved the look of the crystals, and their gems soon found their way on more designs like Lanvin. This collaboration with fashion houses continued into the 1950s with Prada, Valentino, and Coco Chanel, to name a few. 

Prada Swarovski Shoes

            In addition to couture clothing, Swarovski makes sculpted glass and glass wear, jewelry, and even optic products. All these branches of their company have led to their popularity and quality assurance. The original logo for the brand was an Edelweiss flower, but this was replaced with a swan in 1989. The Swarovski swan logo has been seen in their stores and packaging ever since.


Investment and Price Range

            Swarovski crystals are worth the investment, as it is the highest quality cut glass on the market with a historical legacy. The crystal glass is manufactured in house and sometimes treated with unique coatings and additives to add to the reflection. Though these crystals are made from glass, they cost significantly more due to the patented cutting process and higher quality materials to make the perfectly clear crystal. The quality and care that is put into every crystal make them a long-lasting investment piece. 

            When originally made, the founder wanted to make a diamond for everyone, so that the classic clear, faceted beauty could be enjoyed by more people. For quality insurance, Swarovski suggests that you try to keep the jewelry out of the sun so it reduces tarnish and lasts a lifetime. Try to keep them away from other chemicals, like chlorine, and give the crystal a good clean with mild, soapy water to make your investment last.


Key Crystals and Styles

Aurora Borealis

            This legendary crystal was created in 1956, and it looks just like the Northern Lights with the rainbow spectrum of colors shimmering around. This crystal has multicolored facets that even Dior loved, making it a staple in the line and in haute fashion. Gowns with these special crystals were unlike anything else on the runway, and these crystals took off in the fashion world soon after.

            This technique involves a coating that pulls out tones of red, green, and blue shimmers. The reason these crystals are so well-loved is due to their versatility and ability to match anything. The coating allows for the jewelry pieces to pull out whatever color you’re wearing and accent it. Whether worn on a pendant necklace, a ring, or a cuff bracelet, these crystal jewelry pieces are statement-making and unique. Aurora Borealis crystals are slightly more expensive than their regular counterparts, just due to the unique technology involved in their manufacturing.

Aurora Borealis Crystal


Swan Pendant

            The Swarovski crystal plated swan pendant is another popular, best-selling piece by this jewelry brand, bringing a bit of history to your jewelry box. These pendants come in a variety of crystal colors, from black to clear, as well as an assortment of different metal types, like rose gold. From a solid shade to a colorful gradient with blues or brights, each swan pendant fits a different style. There are also varying sizes, from tiny and subtle to larger and statement-making, and there are also different chain lengths to allow for layering or different looks.

            The swan pendant is inspired by its swan logo, the signature look of the brand since 1988. The swan is graceful and elegant, just like the brand. Depending on the size and style, these necklaces can range from $60 and go up from there.

Swarovski Swan Pendant


Stud Earrings

            If diamonds aren’t in your budget but you still want that genuine Swarovski sparkle, a pair of their stud earrings is perfect to add to your daily jewelry collection. The Attract Studs are rhodium plated and have a variety of crystal designs, from Aurora Borealis to color coated options like red, blue, and green. If you like to keep things simple, there’s also an option from you, with clear crystals ranging from small sparkle to major statements. This is one of the more affordable options of Swarovski jewelry as well, starting as low as $30 for a simple yet elegant and stylish pair.

Swarovski Stud Earrings



            The key to Swarovski’s legacy is its high-quality manufacturing and aesthetics, as well as innovating changes in the jewelry and crystal industry. Their crystals do not have any bubbles in the glass, nor any surface scratches. Also, all the facets and cuts will be identical. All of the Swarovski crystals in a piece that is the same color family will be the exact same color. The shine will be like a diamond, and the piece will be perfection. It’s the Swarovski way and ensures that your investment will last long term and look great. Their attention to detail goes above and beyond, and this even extends to the high-quality metals and settings they use in their jewelry. The sparkle never dulls, and who could want more than that? Even the colored crystals, made by a chemical coating, will never dull over the course of a lifetime. 


Historical Aside

            While Swarovski has a rich history, they did not enter the jewelry market in the United States until the late 1970s. This was almost 100 years after their start, which gave them plenty of time to perfect crystal manufacturing. Their jewelry was worn in other countries much earlier, including by Queen Victoria!

Queens wearing Swarovski Tiaras

            Other beauties that wore Swarovski include Marylyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. In “Gentleman Prefer Blondes,” Marilyn wore a pink dress and Swarovski jewelry to make a glittering statement as she sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. She also wore these crystals while singing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy, wearing a sultry, crystal dress she was sewn into. A piece of American history with a bit more glam.

Marilyn Monroe wearing Swarovski Crystals

            Audrey Hepburn also wore Swarovski in another piece of Hollywood history, in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Her character wore the tiniest, most stunning crystal tiara, and you bet it was full of Swarovski crystals.

Audrey Hepburn wearing a Swarovski Tiara

            Swarovski is still all over Hollywood today, with their most epic recent accomplishment being their main stage at the 2018 Oscars decorated with over 45 million crystals. Hollywood and Swarovski go hand in hand.



            Swarovski crystals are known worldwide for their purity and quality. The brand also brings innovation to the crystal table. In addition to the Aurora Borealis, the brand developed many core components of the crystal world today, like the crystal pearl, almost identical to its natural counterpart, as well as the Hot-Fix crystal that can be heat attached to garments. In addition to embellishments, Swarovski developed the crystal mesh, a fluid fabric of crystals that looks like a waterfall of shimmering delight. Swarovski crystals have been seen on over 150 different designer’s collections.

            Crystals are unique from other gems, as they are cut glass rather than mined. The way the glass is cut is what makes a crystal high quality and special, which is why Swarovski comes out on top. While originally they were made with 32% lead, they’ve reduced their glass formulation to be lead-free to promote health and safety while bringing quality and shine.


Social Commitment

            Swarovski has stayed within the family from the beginning, and the company is currently run by fifth-generation family members. This ensures devotion to the brand and mission, as well as striving for the highest quality and innovation. While the brand brings crystals with quality, they also go above and beyond to make sure each stage of stone production is done at the highest standards. They even have special collections for social events, like equality and Pride. The brand is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, making sure the path of each stone is beautiful even beyond what you see.