Shawn Warren

One of Shawn Warren?s primary visions is taking fine jewelry out of the realm of impossibility, to never say never and defy prescribed limitations of jewelry design. This ideal, combined with an inherent artistry, has led Shawn Warren to become the ?secret weapon? of red carpet walkers and society women. Such is the incredible versatility of the designs that inexplicably compliment a day in jeans as much as they do a glamorous evening dress. Pendants are available with elegant chains as well as leather cords, and casual stones are matched with precious ones such as diamonds. The chains are also extra long yet adjustable, allowing for a range of layered wearing from a free-falling drop to a more refined display resting closer to the neck. Shawn Warren jewelry makes a bold statement toward the lifestyle of the woman who wears it, exuding luxury, versatility, and a free spirit.
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