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Salvini jewelry is renowned in Italy for its style, elegance, and sophistication. Shop amazing deals on authentic Salvini products at Luxury Bazaar.

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Authentic Savini Jewelry Online

Italy is home to some of the world's most prominent luxury jewelry designers. One popular brand that has caught worldwide attention is Salvini. Worn by beloved influencers, this Italian fine jewelry brand is renowned in Italy for its style, elegance, and sophistication. Salvini employs some of the most talented designers, along with expert gemologists, who select only the most exquisite gemstones. These stones are then processed by the best goldsmiths of Valenza, long-recognized as home to some of the finest Italian jewelry-makers. Salvini’s collections are made for the contemporary woman, who desires her look to radiate elegance and refinement in her everyday life. Salvini’s modern, yet classic, jewelry exhibits the values of tradition while boasting its unique style.


Founded in 1986, the Maison recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, marking a key milestone in the history of the brand. To commemorate the occasion, the brand opened its first boutique in the prestigious Via Montenapoleone, the epicenter of Milan’s fashion district. Salvini also created a brand new collection, the “Classic Collection,” to honor this event in its history. The collection pays homage to the traditional techniques on 

which the company was founded while looking toward the future with innovative designs.


Here at Luxury Bazaar, we have an assortment of authentic Salvini jewelry available for sale in our online store. Customers from around the world visit our online shop to buy some of the most opulent estate jewelry pieces, such as white gold rings, necklaces, and earrings.


The Salvini Difference


Each piece by Salvini is a small, handcrafted masterpiece that showcases the artist’s passion. With bold metalwork and an engraved signature, the brand is instantly recognizable. The artisans employ secret techniques that have been passed down through the generations, heightening the brand’s value.


Iconic Symbols


Three timeless symbols represent Salvini’s core values: the cross, faith; the heart, love; and the butterfly, freedom. For the brand’s 30th anniversary, these motifs were immortalized in stylish, contemporary jewelry pieces as part of the 30 Years Masterpiece Collection. The I SEGNI necklaces use a special technique to allow you to wear the necklace either shorter or longer employing a sliding mechanism. The necklaces end in a delicate cascade of slender chains.


Salvini Collections



Meaning “embrace” in Italian, the Abbraccio Collection features solitaire diamonds, lovingly encircled in a swirl of gold, with the available option of accent diamonds. Included in the collection are Salvini engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces.



Salvini’s Academy collections offer the brand’s unique take on the iconic tennis bracelet. With gorgeous precious gems such as white and fancy-colored diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and tsavorites, these eye-catching bracelets add a brilliant accent to any ensemble.



The Aisha Collection features decadent, feminine pieces that showcase a stone with a brilliant hue in the center, such as a ruby, sapphire, or emerald, surrounded by multiple rows of shimmering diamonds. These magnificent Salvini necklaces, rings, and earrings are sure to stand out.


Other Collections

We are always obtaining new pieces from all of the designer brands that we carry, including Salvini. If you don’t see something that suits your fancy today, then check back later to see what we’ve added to our inventory. Call us for more information about special orders for items that are not currently in stock.


Our current selection of authentic Salvini jewelry at Luxury Bazaar includes various designs which feature glimmering white gold, lustrous pearls, diamonds, and an array of gemstones for sale. Please, feel free to browse our collection to buy luxurious pieces crafted by this outstanding jewelry brand. Search your favorite brands and procure elegant estate jewelry at prices too irresistible to overlook.