In 1977, Roberto Coin founded the company that would bear his name in Vincenze, Italy ? the city of Gold. Initially, the company was intended for production on behalf of some of the most prestigious brands of internationally fine jewelry. The Roberto Coin brand was launched in 1996, and it became known as a high-end brand of Italian jewelry and watches.

Success was quick to follow and by 2000, only four years after the brand?s birth, Roberto Coin positioned itself seventh amongst the best-known jewelry brands in the United States. Roberto Coin has always enclosed in his creations the concepts of youth, novelty and happiness in order to express to those who wear his jewelry the true and deep meaning of life.

The Roberto Coin jewelry expresses the Italian influence of style, as well as new creativity in the fashion industry. The label chooses to break out and escape beyond the typical boundaries of jewelry structures, producing the most innovative designs. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more by the brand are nothing short of attractive, making a bold statement accompanying a day or evening ensemble.

Roberto Coin Jewelry

Ladies and gentlemen of various cultures favor Roberto Coin luxury pieces, especially since the collections are specifically constructed to appeal to the fashion customs of Europe, Asia and America. When an authentic Roberto Coin piece is worn, it reverberates ethnic traditions with a futuristic look.

The signature of Roberto Coin is a ruby, which is hidden in almost every jewelry creation. A single ruby is placed on the jewelry piece in the area that touches the skin because it is believed that when a ruby comes in contact with skin, it will promote happiness, health, peace and a long life. According to the Ancient Egyptian legend, the ruby, when touching the skin, will bring its wearer good fortune throughout their lives, in addition to health and happiness. The signature is simply Roberto Coin?s secret way of granting good wishes to those who don his creations.

Roberto Coin is committed not only to product and design but also to the creation of areas of value. Express your lifestyle, self-image and presence with a genuine Roberto Coin jewelry piece.
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