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At the young ages of 13 and 16, Oscar Heyman and his brother Nathan ventured into the world of jewelry as apprentices in their uncle’s jewelry shop. At the conclusion of their internship, the brothers fled to the United States in an effort to avoid being drafted into the Russian army.

In 1912, Oscar Heyman & Bros Inc. was founded. The Heyman siblings, Oscar, Francis, Louis, William, and George, began producing jewelry to be manufactured at the very high standards set by the likes of Cartier and Faberge.

In 1936, the jewelers at Oscar Heyman were the first to master the invisible setting, which was introduced by Van Cleef & Arpels. The invisible clasp for bracelets would go on to be one of the seven patents Oscar Heyman acquired, as well as the security pin for double-clip brooches. To this day, Oscar Heyman has patented seven processes for their “linked bracelet components” and dye-striking methods. Having experimented with colored stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, the jewelry designing experts at Oscar Heyman continue to create beautiful and dazzling pieces.

Shop Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

The addition of precious handcrafted and colorful stones into the Oscar Heyman jewelry line has remained the bread and butter of the family-owned and operated business. With the family’s love for design and detailed work, every bracelet, ring, earring, and necklace showcases beautiful gemstones that are meticulously hand-selected for indisputable quality. In the words of Tom Heyman, “it’s all about the gemstone.” Being able to create custom pieces that can be passed down through family generations has always been a top focus for Oscar Heyman.

As Made Famous by Oscar Heyman - the Entourage Ring

As one of their first in-house designs, the entourage ring was pioneered in the 1920’s. Exuding elegance, yet simple in form, the entourage ring was set with colored stones, encircled with diamonds. Today, the brand continues to produce entourage rings that are fashioned exactly the same way as they were several decades ago.

Every Piece is Made with Care

Every piece of jewelry manufactured under the Oscar Heyman name has its own serial number and is stamped with an Oscar Heyman mark. Even after a piece is purchased, Oscar Heyman keeps detailed records of each, with sketches, so it can be easily identified if needed.

What makes the Oscar Heyman jewelry collections different from others in its industry?

For three generations, the Heyman family has kept its centuries-old skills in-house, never to release their technical and engineering artistry to outsiders. Since 1912, they family continues making their own tools, which is reflected in every design superbly crafted under the Oscar Heyman name.

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