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In Italian, the word "oro" means gold. Oro Trend is the perfect name for Italian jewelry company Oro Trend due to the amount of consideration put into the metals and other high-quality materials they utilize to create their magnificent designs. The company was created by the founders of Sandro Aldo Bellotto and Ferraris and is based out of Valenza, Italy where they still make all of their jewelry. Staying so close to its Italian roots, Oro Trend upholds older traditions while remaining innovative and contemporary in the jewelry world. The brand currently has 10 distinct collections:

  • Twine
  • Sardinia
  • Swan
  • Dolphin
  • BonTon
  • Origami
  • Fire
  • Valentine
  • Opal Rosebud
  • Pink Rose

All of these collections boast ravishing designs so unique they could only come from the hands of a brand as prestigious as Oro Trend. Here at Luxury Bazaar, our current selection of authentic Oro Trend jewelry includes glimmering gold rings and fabulous pendant necklaces. Please, feel free to browse our collection of Oro Trend jewelry.

Oro Trend Earrings

Oro Trend earrings never fail to make an impression. With diamond settings in gold (often 18K white gold), their elegance is bound to be eye-catching.

Oro Trend Rings

We carry many of the latest Oro Trend items, so when you buy online from us, you know you’re getting something brand new. These items are made of 18K gold (yellow, white, or rose gold), with stones including diamonds, onyx, and sapphire. These ladies’ rings are available in sizes of 6.75 and 7, and once you put them on, you’ll never want to take it off!


Oro Trend is one of the most recognizable jewelry brands in the world. There are always items for sale at clearance prices here at Luxury Bazaar. Whether you buy rings or earrings, everything is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Although Oro Trend is known for its timelessness, there is something strikingly modern about the look of the gold and diamonds used in this company’s jewelry designs. As their name suggests, the items we have for sale are truly trendsetting.


And there’s no better place to buy jewelry online than at Luxury Bazaar. Our prices are unbeatable, with clearance prices that can regularly slice prices by half. Some discounts on Oro Trend items currently go as high as 68%, meaning you pay less than one-third of the original price. With items of this quality, at prices this low, you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. Buy from Luxury Bazaar today!