In Italian, the word ?Oro? means gold. Oro Trend is the perfect name for Italian jewelry company Oro Trend due to the amount of consideration put into the metals and other high quality materials they utilize to create their magnificent designs. The company was created by the founders of Sandro Aldo Bellotto and Ferraris and is based out of Valenza, Italy where a hundred percent of their jewelry is made. Staying so close to its Italian jewelry making roots, Oro Trend stays true to older traditions while remaining innovative and contemporary in the jewelry world. The brand currently has ten distinct collections which include; Twine, Sardinia, Swan, Dolphin, BonTon, Origami, Fire, Valentine, Opal Rosebud and Pink Rose. All of these collections boast ravishing designs so unique they could only come from the hands of a brand as prestigious as Oro Trend. Currently, at Luxury Bazaar our selection of Oro Trend jewelry includes glimmering gold rings and fabulous pendant necklaces. Please, feel free to browse our collection of Oro Trend jewelry.
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