Opera Omnia is a very luxurious brand represented by Opera Jewels; a company founded by Massimo Zerbini that distributes numerous creative and lucrative Italian jewelry brands. The brand is quintessentially Italian; boasting Italian style and jewelry making prowess as well as celebrating the artistic integrity of Italian goldsmiths.
The brand has six collections, all of which feature gorgeous jewels, fine metals and extraordinary craftsmanship. These exotically named collections are Saba, Canouan, Coral Reef, Halo, Antigua and S. Barth?s; all of which feature a mixture of bracelets, necklaces and rings. Most of these collections were made with the essence of a gorgeous tropical locale in mind. As a result, Opera Omnia?s designs feature colors which can be found in the tropics, fauna-inspired designs, and references to the history of some of the island destinations the collections were named after.
Luxury Bazaar is proud to add the avant garde jewelry of Opera Omnia to our lineup, so please feel free to browse our current selection.
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