MIMÍ is a decadent Milanese fine jewelry firm known for their vast array of contemporary jewelry. All of their designs are bursting with vibrancy, color and a vivacity that is uniquely Italian. MIMÍ markets their jewelry towards fiercely independent women for whom style is not an option, it is a must. The MIMÍ lady, ?Tells her story through her jewelry, her years of discovering the world and herself with a hunger for beauty, flashes of inspiration and a heart yearning to beat.? To please a customer such as this, every season MIMÍ creates eye-catching innovations which cannot be ignored. Currently, the brand has fifteen fantastic collections with names just as colorful as the jewels they are describing. Currently at Luxury Bazaar, we have an extensive assortment of this fine Italian brand. Candy-colored cocktail rings paired with elegant earrings, not to mention bodacious bracelets and some very novel necklaces. If you are looking to add some pizazz and sparkle to your wardrobe, perhaps consider some Italian luxury from MIMÍ?
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