The name ?Mikimoto? is synonymous worldwide with luxury pearl jewelry. Since its founding in 1893, the brand has been dedicated to presenting only the finest quality cultured pearls to the world. The company was founded by Mikimoto Kokichi, a Japanese man who came from meager beginnings and started his career at the age of thirteen selling vegetables to support his family. As a boy, Mikimoto became entranced by the beauty and allure of pearls when he would watch pearl divers emerge from the seas with their lustrous treasures.

In 1888 at the age of 30, Mikimoto obtained a loan to start his first pearl oyster farm and he set forth to produce the riches he had once admired as a boy. After many trials and tribulations, Mikimoto was finally able to create hemispherical cultured Mabe pearls. This was a huge accomplishment for Mikimoto, but his greatest accomplishment came twelve years later when he was finally able to create completely round pearls that were indistinguishable from the highest quality natural ones.

Today, the brand has a wide array of pearls including; Akoya, Black South Sea, White South Sea, Golden South Sea, Conch, Baroque and Multicolor and there are Mikimoto retailers across the globe. Our selection of Mikimoto jewelry at Luxury Bazaar has a variety of jewelry including; bracelets, earrings and necklaces, some of which are set with other gemstones, and all featuring the distinct look of Mikimoto pearls. Please, feel free to browse this distinguished brand of fine Japanese jewelry.
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