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Founded in 2005, Maîtres du Temps was much more than just another watchmaking company — it was an entirely new concept in horology. Founder Steve Holtzman, with his passion for superior watchmaking and design, decided to bring together the finest artisans from around the world to craft the most glorious timepieces imaginable. Fittingly, the company’s name means “Masters of Time,” in French.

Each collection is referred to as a “Chapter,” telling a story as unique as the craftsmen who collaborated to create the chronographs themselves. The astounding level of detail in each piece makes Maîtres du Temps watches coveted by collectors who buy watches worldwide.

Luxury Bazaar offers authentic Maîtres du Temps watches for sale online from each of the chapters that are currently available.

Chapter One

The first chapter in the Maîtres du Temps collection sets the stage with a bold and complex design. Consisting of 558 components, the Chapter One timepieces are truly technological marvels. The intricate tourbillon features a mono-pusher column with a wheel chronograph. It also has distinctive rollers indicating the day of the week and the moon phase. The series was a result of the collaborative efforts of Peter Speake-Marin and Christopher Claret.

English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin studied horology in Switzerland in the workshop of renowned specialists Renaud & Papi. His work showcases an immense respect for master techniques that have been passed down through generations while simultaneously; at the same time, his enthusiasm for modern designs is apparent.

Frenchman Christophe Claret, who also was trained in the Swiss techniques of Renaud & Papi, lends his visionary talents to the creation of these timepieces. His body of work includes some of the most mechanically complicated watches ever crafted.

Chapter Two

The second chapter of the Maîtres du Temps collection brings us triple calendar wristwatches with a superb level of craftsmanship that allows both the date and the day rollers to change simultaneously. Peter Speake-Marin returns to lend his influence to this chapter and is joined by the brilliant Daniel Roth.

Roth, who grew up in France and studied horology in Switzerland, was the master watchmaker at Breguet for many years, and successfully revived the brand. Later, he turned his talents to launching his own brand of handcrafted watches. His influence on the clean and sophisticated design of the Chapter Two watches is apparent.

Chapter Three

The most recent edition for sale from Maîtres du Temps is the Chapter Three series, which offers a significant departure in design from the previous two chapters. The advanced calendar functions that have become a hallmark of Maîtres du Temps watches are more subdued in Chapter Three. The day/night roller and date roller are hidden beneath the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively, and are only revealed after pressing the pusher on the side of the dial. The work is the result of the collaborative efforts between Kari Voutilainen and Andreas Strehler.

Finnish watchmaker Voutilainen has received critical acclaim for his work in complex watchmaking and decimal repeaters. He is the mastermind behind the proprietary movement in the Chapter Three timepieces.

Strehler, a Swiss watchmaker who is highly regarded for his work with complicated watches, also lends his expertise in movement to this series. Not only did he design the complication and the case, but he also devised and implemented innovative production methods.

The exquisite craftsmanship found in Maîtres du Temps watches remains unparalleled. Those looking to buy an authentic Maîtres du Temps wristwatch online can browse the collection available at Luxury Bazaar.
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