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Luminox Watches


Luminox is an American made, Swiss watch brand started in 1989, devoted to high performance sports watches with a rugged durability like no other. The brand name is a Latin translation for Light Night, which was named for the unique luminescence of the face and high performing technology, reliable at all times, especially in the dark. Their Luminox Light Technology is a cutting-edge staple of the brand, which made it unique on the market and the choice of many. 

Luminox Watch Collection


Luminox’s history is best known for their collaboration with the Navy SEALS. The founder and Officer for Research and Development collaborated to develop the Navy SEAL watch, one meant for the challenges of Navy SEALS with extreme durability. This led to many other elite contracts for the brand, including the NYPD, Singapore Air Force, and U.S. Coast Guard. This watch has been the choice of numerous special and law enforcement groups, and it’s a major selling point of the brand and influencer on their brand’s mission.

Navy Seal Wearing Luminox


This expanded to United States Fighter Pilots as well, and Luminox is the official Lockheed Martin timepiece manufacturer, with very sleek and unique, air ready styles. With such a legacy for success, it’s no surprise that the watch was the choice for Olympic athletes from 2002 onward. These watches are also the choice of many day-to-day wearers and outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Black Jets flying highlighting watches


These watches heavily have been worn and loved by high performing individuals, but also by many individuals, athletes, and citizens. The global brand expanded to over 50 countries in 2002, and opened several mono-brand stores in Japan and beyond. Known for survival and excellence, Luminox brand watches are coveted by many, and their prestigious partnerships will launch them into the next era with constant innovation and technological strides.


Price and Investment


The Luminox watches are well known for their tactical style and quality, but they can run a decent bit of money depending on the style. Between the elite reputation and innovative technology, they run a price anywhere from around $200 to almost $1,500, especially for watches with extra features beyond time telling. With the technology, this is a reasonable price for a durable watch that has a 25-year illumination guarantee. Whether you’re going to be in a tough environment (or a dark one), or just like the durability and look of a tactical watch, this is a great choice. There are also more stylish options that are a great transition from boardroom to the outdoors. The light technology makes it particularly unique and worth the money, as not many watch faces are so strong in the dark. There’s also a great warranty policy to keep things functioning!


Key Brand Styles


The brand is organized by series, which is focused on the different elements and environments their watches are tactically worn. They also complement the brand’s various special forces partnerships. This organization reflects the true mission of the brand and the tactical durability they strive for.


Sea Series

Luminox Sea Searies with Navy Seal wearing watch

The Sea Series is dedicated to going underwater and diving, and is highly driven by the Navy SEALs collaboration. Even when in the deepest, darkest depths, the face and time is visible with the Luminox Light technology, perfect for night or rescue diving. The watches are resistant ranging from 200 meters to 500 meters, depending on the line, and are also durable under changing pressures with an automatic and quartz combination. One of the key styles of this line is the Original Luminox 3001, which was the first of the line (and considered one of the top diver watches), has been modernized with the Navy Seal 3500 and other key, popular styles, like the commemorative Luminox Spec Ops Challenge 3050. As a tribute to the Navy SEALs, proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Land Series

Bear Grylls wearing Luminox Land Series Watch


With such power under the water and up in the sky, it’s not a surprise their land watches are impressive and operate under the toughest conditions. Like all their collaborations, these watches were designed to work with military, law enforcement, and more. Within this land line is the RECON collection, a collaboration with a major figure in intelligence, Andrea Micheli, a Swiss Army member and military journalist. With his expertise, the collaboration really enabled the brand to release high functioning watches. With army focused tools like navigation, a compass, and a tachymeter, they really are all encompassing. For those who don’t need something so over the top, there’s also the Atacama Field Watch, with a rugged quality and iconic design meant for the office or the field. Did you know these watches are also the top suggested watch for paramedics and emergency professionals?


Air Series

Luminox Air Series Watch


The Air Series stems directly from their brand partnership with defense contractor Lockheed Martin, a defense aircraft manufacturer. These watches have a sleek style, different than many of their tactical watches, and are made for elite pilots in Air Forces all over the world. One example of this is the F-117 Nighthawk 3400, a watch made specifically for the US Air Force. A lot of these watches have water resistance, a large face, and a second, 24-hour time zone alongside the trademark night vision illumination. One of the coveted styles in this line is the 44m F-22 Raptor 9240, a unique titanium made watch inspired by an F-22 fighter jet, with the dial looking like the instrument panel in the plane!


Historical Story


It’s no surprise a brand like Luminox, chosen by many special forces all over the world, has a lot of neat, historical stories. For example, the SEALs watch has a rich collaboration between the Navy SEALs and the Luminox brand designers. As soon as Nick North, the officer in charge of procurement for the SEALs, found the watches at a trade show, he was intrigued by the functionality in low or no light environments without requiring any touch. The SEALs were looking for something dependable for night missions, and tested many watches through strenuous missions, and the Luminox was the only one that remained functioning. Now that’s a testament to quality!


This partnership continued, with later relaunches and collaborations with the SEALs alongside other international special forces units, and this really placed the SEALs line on the map for them, even for regular day-to-day wearers. It also made the brand a pivotal part of United States security.


Style Inspiration


While style may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a special-ops type watch, Luminox does a good job at combining stylistic elements with their functional designs, appealing to all kinds of buyers. The chunkier, tactical feel is often times a really great look for a more masculine, casual, or outdoor style watch. Also, the light up face is not only unique and functional, but carries a great aesthetic quality in the dark that other watches lack.


Care, Materials, and Technology


While Luminox watches are sturdy and strong, they still require some care to keep them in working order. There’s an included warranty, and included manuals for care. Keep he watch polished, cleaned, and maintained.


Luminox is made from a variety of sturdy, high quality materials and technologies. Most noteworthy is the Luminox Light Technology, or LLT, which offers a glow 24/7, not operated by charging or a battery. This is truly unique, allowing for the tactical specialties of the brand. The self-powered light uses tiny gas tubes that are completely safe for day to day wear, but also give an always visible effect that is touchless. Super LumiNova is another compound they use to mark the face of the watch to add just another element of illumination and visual ability.


Additionally, their watches have a Carbonox compound, which is a lightweight carbon compound material that the watches are made of. It’s rigid and hard, yet rugged and lightweight, a great replacement for aluminum. It’s been used for construction and aerospace engineering, so this is a natural link for the brand.


Social Commitment

 Navy Seal Foundation

With such prestigious brand partnerships, it’s no surprise Luminox has a strong commitment to the world around them. They are devoted to creating safe watches that are reliable for the highest stress conditions, like the Navy SEALs face, everyday. With this in mind, they make sure they are producing ethically and thoroughly, while also supporting causes near to them like soldiers that risk their lives to protect us, and the fight against terrorism. Although a Swiss company, global safety is a focus of the brand.