Luca Carati

Luca Carati, an Italian brand famous for its classically feminine jewelry was founded in Valenza, Italy in 1988. Luca Carati jewelry is still all produced in house, using old goldsmith techniques alongside new technology to create outstanding pieces. Each piece of Luca Carati jewelry is stamped with their company symbol in a hidden place to ensure the authenticity of their unique pieces.

The brand currently has twelve collections, including; Première, Swan, Clouds, Cabaret, Diva, Mademoiselle, Luna, Ginza, Bazaar, Elizabeth, Portraits and Wild Africa. Staying true to their slogan “Brings Diamonds to Life,” Luca Carati’s collections all have fabulous diamonds and various other gemstones featured in their designs. Our current selection of jewelry from this brand includes magnificent diamond studded pendant necklaces. Please, feel free to browse our collection of Luca Carati jewelry.
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