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Few jewelry companies can trace their history back as far as Le Vian. The Le Vian family has been crafting jewelry in Persia since the 15th century, but can trace their roots back over 2500 years to the Levi tribe, one of the original 12 tribes of Israel. It was in 1950 that Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian came from Persia to America and founded the Le Vian company. He was highly regarded worldwide for his exquisite work with turquoise and tanzanite. In addition to being a master jewelsmith, he was also admired for his work ethics and honest business dealings.

Today, his family continues to tradition of producing quality jewelry that is suitable for both every day and for special occasions.

Industry Pioneers: Le Vian was quickly recognized in the United States for some of the unusual jewel treatments that they used. For example, the twisted rope technique, which uses thin strands of twisted gold set with small, round diamonds or other stones, quickly became popular among other designers.

Commitment to Excellence: Le Vian spent 50 years searching to find enough matching heart-shaped sapphires for a matching set that included a necklace, earrings, and ring. This type of dedication is apparent in the craftsmanship of all of Le Vian’s work. Each piece pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in gem cutting and setting. The “invisible setting” is one technique for which Le Vian is well-known, in which the gems appear to float on the surface of the metal without any prongs or bezels.

Timeless Work: Based on generations of history in the industry, Le Vian jewelry transcends current fashions for a timeless appeal. They have produced over 100,000 original designs in the course of their 500-year-long history.

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Today, Le Vian is perhaps best known for their stunning Chocolate Diamond jewelry. Natural brown diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world; thousands of times rarer than colorless diamonds, in fact.

Chocolate Diamonds

Le Vian, with their eye for unique gems, recognized the potential of these superb brown stones. In the year 2000, they trademarked “Chocolate Diamonds” to differentiate higher quality brown diamonds. Only the top 5 percent of brown diamonds meet these high standards. In order to qualify as a Le Vian Chocolate Diamond, the stone must:
Fit in the C4-C7 range on the Argyle Diamond color scale. The deeper the hue, the more valuable the stone is.
Have no visible inclusions
Originate from Australia, with few exceptions
Be laser inscribed with “Chocolate Diamonds” brand if the stone is ½ karat or larger

The color of the stone was named for Eddie LeVian’s own love for artisan chocolate candy. Just like its sweet confection namesake, Chocolate Diamonds are craved by diamond jewelry enthusiasts around the world. Many pieces crafted with this unique gem also feature Le Vian’s proprietary black rhodium for a truly singular combination.

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