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Lacoste is a French sportswear group founded by René Lacoste as “La Chemise Lacoste” in 1933 with André Gillier, the owner and president of the largest French knitwear manufacturing firm at the time. 

The company launched the exclusive, revolutionary tennis shirts that Lacoste, one of the greatest players of his era, had designed. The shirts were decorated with the company’s logo: a small crocodile on the chest. It derived from Lacoste’s nickname, “The Crocodile,” from his style of play based on lengthy exchanges on the court to weaken the resistance of his opponents.

Lacoste claims that it was the first example in history of a brand logo appearing on the outside of an article of clothing.

Rene Lacoste

The Lacoste family held the company until 2005. It was acquired by the Swiss fund Freres Maus SA, belonging to the family of the same name, which injected a new life into the strong, but somewhat underperforming brand.

While the shirts had a technical origin, they started to diffuse themselves outside the tennis courts, becoming fashion icons in time. To leverage the notoriety of the brand, the new owners began to branch out in other fields like eyewear, accessories, fragrances, footwear, and finally, watches, through partnerships and licensing deals.

With its vast experience of managing fashion watch brands, the US-based Movado Group entered into a licensing agreement with Lacoste in 2006 to design, manufacture, and distribute Lacoste watches. 

The first collection premiered in 2007 and was directed to the entry-level market - in the so-called “fashion watch” category. This means that the watches mainly mount reliable but affordable quartz-based movements from Miyota and usually feature good quality cases, scratch-resistant mineral crystals, and sporty wristbands.

For the price you are going to pay, Lacoste timepieces represent a good deal, especially when you consider their two-year limited warranty.

Lacoste Mavodo Watch


Iconic pieces

The primary nature of fashion watches is based on the scheduled launch of yearly collections, which are mostly changed in the following year.

This means that the Lacoste offering does not present any iconic pieces. They mostly follow the prevalent trends of the fashion industry at the time of the launch. 

The current 2020 collection features essential, very colorful timepieces in white, blue, and red with a matching silicone strap, emblazoned with the green crocodile logo, available in time-only and chronograph versions.

The top end of this year’s selection is a casually elegant timepiece with a blue sunburst dial and a stainless steel case that can safely accompany you in the tennis clubhouse for a drink or two with your friends.

Lacoste Blue Sunburst

Of course, this line is complemented by an equally developed ladies’ collection of smaller, and a bit more formal, timepieces.

Pink Lacoste Womens Watch



Lacoste is diving deep into new developments in e-sales.

Last, it was looking to let people attending the French Open to have the opportunity to purchase clothing via “on-air shoppable moments” via a televised experience. 

The goal was to implement the NBCUniversal’s ShoppableTV experience. It is based on a QR code that would guide shoppers to a special section on Lacoste’s website to finish their purchases - a much smarter and quicker way to let them connect without having to type an address.



While this does not apply to the watches from the brand, Hollywood stars such as Natalie Portman and Mischa Barton are staunch supporters and longtime wearers of the clothes coming from the French company. This is little wonder given the stylish look that the crocodile labeled clothes and accessories exude. 

Natalie Portman Wearing Lacoste


Mischa Barton Wearing Lacoste


The current popularity of the Lacoste brand in the USA can be attributed to the efforts of fashion guru Robert Siegel, who at the beginning of the 2000s led the company into a new Renaissance. He introduced a hipper clothing style that restores the brand’s value to its roots and has dramatically raised its list price. 

While Lacoste has its origins in sport, having celebrities wearing a variety of crocodile-branded objects clothing in their daily lives certainly doesn’t hurt the brand and manages to attract more and more Millennials into its experience. And well, watches make no exception to this rule.


Current Most Popular Models 

The colorful, simple, sporty three-hand watches are playful, smart, and very affordable, so they are a definite best-seller. They are available for man, and in smaller diameters and colors, for ladies as well.

The chronograph models also represent a great choice. They cost little more than the time-only versions and offer a reliable and more endowed quartz chronograph movement instead.

 Lacoste Chronograph Watch


Current Approximate Price List By Line/Model

The Lacoste watches are extremely affordable, considering the brand they carry and the unmistakable casual-chic wrist presence that puts them much above their list price.

They range from around $90 to $250 for the most expensive models, some of which have also mounted mechanical movements in past collections.


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