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One of the world’s most respected and talented artists in the design and fashion industry, Kieselstein-Cord, has produced some of the finest sterling silver jewelry, belt buckles, handbags, eyewear and home furnishings we have today.

Ever since he was eight years old, Barry Kieselstein-Cord knew he wanted to be an artist. He had a fascination and love of art, architecture, and cultures from the past, including North American Indian art. Kieselstein-Cord’s designs are highly distinguishable with an array of bold, sophisticated, yet simple pieces. His extremely coveted jewelry line can be seen on celebrities such as Oprah, Barack Obama, Jay-Z, and Giorgio Armani.

Barry Kieselstein-Cord was a student at Parsons School of Design and started his business in Manhattan, New York, in the early seventies. Since then he is one of the most sought after artist-designers today. His collections of handbags, luggage, eyewear, and other beautiful accessories have found a permanent home in the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and Louisiana, as well as in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. With a huge following under his belt, Kieselstein-Cord has made his mark in the design and fashion world.

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Whether you are looking for a belt, a handbag, or designer sterling silver jewelry pieces, the Kieselstein-Cord collections have it all. In 1976, the Winchester was the first sterling silver belt buckle to be introduced, and it still remains a prominent piece in the Kieselstein-Cord’s accessory collection today. You won’t find glitter and sparkles in any Kieselstein-Cord jewelry, but instead, classic, unpretentious works of art.

It seems quite ironic that the exquisite jewelry designer Kieselstein-Cord has been quoted saying, “I am against filigree,” and that “less is more.” This could be why his collections are filled with simple and meaningful pieces, made for men and women alike. His lavish use of gold, silver, and semi-precious gemstones within his rings, bracelets, and necklaces never fail to evoke a sense of euphoria in the wearer.

Buy the Finest Kieselstein-Cord Pieces from Luxury Bazaar

To this day, Kieselstein-Cord has given jewelry a different meaning with his designs, and the brand continues to keep the most elite of society in awe. In fact, the luxury brand has many impressive jewelry pieces available from a variety of collections. Some of the brand’s most famous collections include Alligator, Hearts, and Quatro Crocodilo (Four Crocodile). Pieces from the Hearts collections boast the heart motif and often feature sapphires and diamonds. Amongst the Alligator collection, you'll find gold pieces made in the creature's image that are enhanced with diamonds and emeralds. Last, but not least, the Quatro Crocodilo collection features one-of-kind gold pieces each with four crocodiles paved with diamonds.

At Luxury Bazaar, we only offer the best and most unique jewelry pieces from the various name brand designers you’ll find in our inventory. Just browse our site and you’ll quickly discover that our selection of Kieselstein-Cord jewelry exhibits the striking and intricate designs of the famous designer. Ultimately, Luxury Bazaar is the ultimate online source for luxurious Kieselstein-Cord jewelry finds online at competitive prices. To learn more about the jewelry we offer from this renowned brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Luxury Bazaar.
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