Katrina Kelly

Katrina Kelly is a fine jewelry designer known for her fabulous 18 karat gold and platinum designs which feature gorgeous colored gemstones. Kelly believes her jewelry, “ignites the splendor of bygone eras and captures timeless beauty.” Kelly learned her craft in design school, where she initially enrolled to become a fashion designer. After realizing that she preferred gems and precious metals to fabrics and fashion, she received a Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design.

Post-graduation, Kelly traveled to Florence, Italy to work on her craft even further, and to train under jewelry masters. Kelly received even further education and hands-on experience when she worked as a bench jeweler for a Turkish jewelry company.

After all of this, Kelly was finally ready to branch out, and make her own designs. All of which are all inspired by the travels she had, her love for the cultures she was exposed to, and of course, her initial love for the beauty of fine metals and gemstones. Currently at Luxury Bazaar we have a wonderful assortment of Katrina Kelly rings, all of which are made with shimmering gemstones and 18 karat gold. Please, feel free to browse our selection of Katrina Kelly jewelry.
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