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One of the many renowned brands of jewelry that Luxury Bazaar has to offer its online jewelry shoppers is none other than the master of inlay: Kabana Jewelry Company. Kabana has over thirty years of experience in the craftsmanship and design of inlay jewelry, epitomizing both innovative creativity and exceptional quality.

When Stavros Eleftheriou emigrated from Greece to America at the youthful age of twenty-two, he only had sixty dollars to his name. With astounding tenacity and a passion for fine jewelry, he was able to work his way into the industry and gain some notoriety. In 1977, Stavros bought a historical mission church and converted it into his own business. He named it after the structure’s remaining bell tower -- “kabana” means “bell” in Greek -- and thus, the Kabana Jewelry Company was founded.

The Master of Inlay

Stavros was known for his impeccable precision and quickly gained a reputation as The Master of Inlay. He was able to perfect even the smallest details and choose the most exceptional stones, allowing Kabana to produce unparalleled inlay jewelry. Today, the Kabana Jewelry Company is still highly sought after for the same impeccable quality.

Stavros Eleftheriou passed on the tradition of extensive training and a zero-tolerance policy for shoddy craftsmanship. Every employee under The Kabana Jewelry Company is trained by veteran artisans in their respective field. Each piece of jewelry is handled by at least five to ten experts before its completion. There are over ten quality control checks involved for each piece, which ensures that every pendant, bracelet, and ring that is produced by Kabana would be proudly approved of by The Master of Inlay himself.

Quality Kabana Crafting

Not including the control checks, every piece of Kabana jewelry requires up to twenty-five steps to ensure consistency, durability, and brilliance. Some of the steps involved in the creation of a Kabana Jewelry Company ring, for example, include:
The Design Phase: A designer’s idea is sketched onto paper. Once it is perfected, the design is painted and copyrighted.
Lost Wax Casting: A crafter uses an ancient process called Lost Wax Casting, in which the frame (the metal part of the ring) is first carved intricately into a wax mold. Once the wax figure is carved, a metal mold is made from the wax from, so that the ring can be replicated repeatedly. This art can require up to twenty years of training!
Metal Polishing: The frame of the ring, once cooled and hardened, is polished to the desired finish using a number of artisan tools to remove any imperfections.
Stone Setting: At this point, the ring is sent to a stone setter if there are to be any faceted gemstones.
Inlay Process: Inlay stones are hand selected based on pre-designated dimensions and the desired quality. The stones are re-sized, shaped, and carefully set into corresponding sockets in the metal portion of the ring.
Polishing: Three different types of polishing wheels buff and then shine the ring to a beautiful luster and seamless finish.
Steaming: The last step before being sent for sale is a steam-cleaning process to remove any remnants of dirt or fingerprints that might have accrued during the creation of the Kabana ring.

Generic jewelry brands do not dedicate the time, effort, and expenses that The Kabana Jewelry Company puts into their products. The stones used by Kabana for inlay jewelry are four times thicker than most other inlay designs, which results in greater depth of color, more enduring wear, and a higher value. Kabana never uses doublets and triplets, believing that the practice of using a black backing and a clear cap for inlaying any gemstone depreciates the value of not only the jewelry, but the brand itself. Kabana only utilizes fully faceted diamonds (as compared to cheap diamond chips), and is known for their use of the rare Australian Crystal Opal and more gold per piece than most other jewelry available.

Made in America Luxury Bazaar provides some of the most exclusive and unique jewelry to our customers, but it is extremely rare to come across a jewelry company which doesn’t outsource production. We are proud to sell Kabana jewelry, one of the few remaining jewelry manufacturers which adheres strictly to working only with national craftsmen and goldsmiths. Kabana jewelry doesn’t cut corners by outsourcing parts of its jewelry production to other countries, remaining loyal to The United States economy and its people.

At Luxury Bazaar, you can buy authentic Kabana jewelry online with the assurance that the pieces you are investing in are American-made to last for generations to come. To buy one of the exquisite rings by Kabana, view our assortment in our online inventory.
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