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Luxury Bazaar ventures to rise above other fine jewelry online retailers by providing our clientele with a manifold collection of globally esteemed designer brand timepieces, jewelry, and accessories at fair market costs.

At Luxury Bazaar, we ship any item to any location around the world. One of the brands we have to offer in our inventory is none other than the venerated John Hardy. T

he John Hardy brand was established in 1975 after its founder of the same name took a trip to Bali and was irrevocably changed by the experience. Inspired by the island’s long-standing jewelry crafting traditions, he began learning from local artisans. After his first few pieces had been created through the application of modern design and traditional Balinese techniques, his passion was ignited.

John Hardy: The Responsible Fine Jewelry Artisan

John Hardy is a man that values Earth and all of the incredible beauties it has to offer, which is why he goes to such lengths with conservation efforts at his company. When you buy authentic John Hardy jewelry online with Luxury Bazaar, you are taking part in the movement he started to lessen the negative impact that the jewelry industry has on our planet!

At the John Hardy jewelry company, every conservation effort is made to lessen their impact on the environment. They are constantly trying to implement programs that are more energy-efficient, and less taxing on valuable resources.

Each of their unequivocal pieces of jewelry is packaged in one-hundred percent recycled paper envelopes that are lined with recycled padding and printed with soy-based ink. Acting with honor and respect for Earth and all of its living creatures, John Hardy creates eco-friendly jewelry and packaging to take a stand for Mother Nature and all of her wonders.

If you are interested in purchasing authentic John Hardy jewelry online with Luxury Bazaar, feel free to browse our current selection.

Our Promise to You

Oftentimes, online shoppers take a gamble with disreputable stores that offer prices seemingly too good to be true. Unfortunately, good customers are deceived into buying knock-offs of the real brand they sought to attain. At Luxury Bazaar, you will never have to question the quality or authenticity of the product you receive, and you can trust that it will arrive in superb condition. In fact, we guarantee it!

If you are ever unsatisfied with the jewelry, watch, or accessory that you have invested your hard-earned money into with us at Luxury Bazaar, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked. If something were to break, get stolen, or become lost during the shipping process, all of our packages are insured for the complete value of their contents.

We have been selling online since 2001, which has given us enough time to not only acquire high-end brands from all over the world, but to also serve numerous pleased customers. We don’t fake our reputation; instead, we have gathered feedback scores from our clients that prove the efficacy and quality of our products.

We are so confident that our jewelry is genuine, that if an item you buy from Luxury Bazaar is proven to be counterfeit, you will receive double the price of your purchase.
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