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A luxury watch brand that has truly gone above and beyond the norms of haute horology is HYT. The master watchmakers at HYT have been one to break the rules of traditional watch engineering by developing a mechanism that uses liquid to work. Essentially, the brand is the first watch manufacturer to combine the forces of liquid and mechanics to establish some of today’s most exceptional timepieces. Using groundbreaking technologies, the unique personalities behind the label worked together to accomplish their vision of achieving the impossible. We at Luxury Bazaar are honored to allow our customers to buy authentic HYT watches for sale through our online store.

How the Impossible Was Made Possible at HYT

Although HYT was founded in 2012 and their water watches released soon after, it was in 2002 that Lucien Vouillamoz, one of the eventual co-founders of the brand, had the idea to create a water watch using a fluid technology. For Vouillamoz to make his water watch idea a reality, he had to solve the problem of how the gravitational energy in the clepsydras would be replaced to create a wearable, water-resistant timepiece. As a former nuclear engineer who holds a degree in thermodynamics, Vouillamoz researched his concept from a new angle for several years and eventually discovered that he could incorporate the use of two flexible reservoirs to each end of the same capillary. The structure worked, and the watchmaking took off from there with the help of entrepreneurs and the partnerships he made with HYT’s other founders.

With designs that generate authentic emotions and expressions, HYT timepieces are astounding in their ability to tell time with water. Nothing has ever been achieved in horology since the water clocks of Egyptian Pharaohs until now. Although the mechanics of the brand have surpassed expectations, like all other watch designs, the timepieces are constructed of the finest materials, such as alligator leather and rose gold. The watches of the label’s collections are classy yet futuristic, with a masculine and bold touch.

Gentlemen who are fans of technological advancements will love HYT’s timepieces. However, any luxury connoisseur can truly admire the craftsmanship and innovative concepts that went into making such lavish timepieces. Brilliant, strong, and tough are just a few of the expressions that seem to exuberate from the timepieces of HYT. And yet, the brand’s hydro-mechanical engineering lab continues to develop new designs that center around the fluid mechanics and hybrid technology that makes up an HYT timepiece. Every new design has to overcome a new challenge, which makes each collection of the label so unique and fascinating.

At Luxury Bazaar, we have a wide variety of authentic HYT wristwatches available for sale in our online inventory that are full of many mesmerizing technical features. Currently, you can find timepieces available from both their H1 and H2 collections, although we are always updating our inventory with new HYT timepieces every day. Inevitably, when you buy authentic HYT watches for sale from Luxury Bazaar to wear upon your wrist, you’ll be making a resilient statement that is bound to turn heads. Call or email us today to learn more about the HYT timepieces we have available in our online store.
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