In a business where many of the biggest names are over a century old, newcomers sometimes have a little trouble gaining respect. Nonetheless, in recent years a new breed of watchmaking mavericks has come along and earned the respect of buyers and industry experts alike with the quality of their designs and movements. One such newcomer is Hautlence Watches, a firm born in 2001. Coming from Neuchatel, Switzerland, in the heart of traditional watchmaking country, Hautlence brought a new face to an old tradition in a literal sense, giving their watches a look like no others.

From time to time, watchmakers will experiment with novel ways to display the time. While the traditional clock dial with hour, minute and second hands is firmly established as the worldwide standard for timekeeping, other kinds of displays are occasionally seen. These can be just as easy to read as the conventional dial, and make for an unusual and interesting face.

Hautlence Watches is leading the way in novel time displays using unusual dial designs that look great. On their luxury timepieces, the hour is shown by turning either a wheel or a rotating chain, while a hand on a semicircular dial that counts up to 60 and then “jumps” back to zero shows minutes. Some of the Hautlence watches also have a small seconds hand on a separate dial in the lower part of the face.

This unusual design makes for some beautiful, fascinating luxury timepieces. Some of these watches have rectangular dials with rounded metallic bezels which are obviously patterned after TV screens. Others have round dials on which the hour and minute dials are both set off-center and partially superimposed over each other. Both designs grab one's attention, and even a casual glance can recognize that they are something out of the ordinary.

The luxury timepieces of Hautlence Watches are straight out of the future, perfect for tech lovers and people who enjoy a novel look. Some dials are partially cutaway or feature a honeycomb screen over the movement so it can be seen in the background behind the dials. Watch designers feel that a well-made watch movement is a thing of beauty to be shown to the world, and watch owners generally agree. Like many luxury timepieces, the creations of Hautlence Watches take full advantage of this by allowing us to see the inner workings of their watches.

It only takes a glance to recognize the creations of Hautlence Watches for the works of art that they are. They are beautiful, innovative and eye-catching, certain to start conversations.
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