Gurhan Orhan was born in Ankara, Turkey. In the 1970’s he began to develop his unique designs working with 24K gold. In the 1980’s his love of tinkering led him into taking antique watches and turning them into very limited art pieces.

In the early 1990’s he discovered 24K gold and this defined the direction that his work would take – creating fine jewelry from this very unique metal. He created his first pieces in 1994 but utilized the techniques used by ancient goldsmiths.

In 1995 he was discovered by Fiona Tilley, an investment banker from New York – she was convinced that his work would be tremendously successful in the United States.

His line of jewelry was launched in New York in 1997 – clients were enchanted by the rich yellow color and the individual style of each piece.

Gurhan and Tilley married in 1999 - they were already successful business partners. Since that time, his jewelry has been worn by many stars and public figures, like Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Laura Bush – the list goes on and on.

Since then, Gurhan has added platinum and unusual stones. The jewelry has now become known all over the world – literally causing “Gurhan fever”.

Luxury Bazaar will feature Gurhan pieces for our discerning customers – this line will continue to expand as we add to the items
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