Malibu, California-based jewelry designer Gregg Ruth has carved a lasting place in the world of luxury jewelry, thanks to his diamond-laden collections that reinterpret timeless, classic designs and give them a stunning new spin. Gregg has a natural enthusiasm and relentless passion for his work and his team that is as important as his talent.

Ruth's love of beautiful jewelry began early, as a child surrounded by gold, diamonds and colored gems in his parents jewelry store in Pennsylvania. Around the dinner table, he learned the business - and soon developed his own dreams of jewelry success.

Ruth opened a retail store in Tennessee in 1977. By 1981 he decided to start a new venture into high end gold jewelry imported from Italy. His fine jewelry design and manufacturing company immediately found a loyal clientele who fell in love with Ruth's glamorous, innovative styles.

Ruth moved his offices to Malibu in 1987 and bought a modest home along Escondido Creek in the picturesque hills of Malibu. In the 90s there was a natural progression and Ruth went from importing gold jewelry to creating his own designs.

Today, Gregg Ruth offers a broad spectrum of exquisite jewelry - from natural fancy colored diamonds to important white diamond layout jewelry - as well as precious color and diamond pieces. "Ours are classic designs that can stand the test of time." - Gregg Ruth.

Gregg Ruth designs are a statement, an attitude, a lifestyle. The Gregg Ruth brand is a reflection of the vision and energy of its founder, who is dedicated to jewelry both classic in beauty and contemporary by design. He is committed to quality, combining superb workmanship and high-quality materials with dynamic merchandising and outstanding customer service.
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