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At Luxury Bazaar, we stand above other online fine jewelry retail sellers because we provide our customers with the most expansive selection of world-renowned designer brand jewelry, timepieces, and accessories at the most reasonable prices.

As an online shopper, you might be concerned with the authenticity of the products you purchase, but Luxury Bazaar goes the extra mile to ensure that every one of our items for sale is genuine. When you buy fine jewelry with us, you can be confident that you will receive the brand you ordered, and it will be in excellent condition.

One of the many prestigious brands available to you at Luxury Bazaar is the fine Italian jeweler, Gavello. We ship all across the globe, so regardless of where you are, you can buy authentic Gavello jewelry online with Luxury Bazaar.

How Gavello Redefined Jewelry

Martha Gavello had a hunch that her husband would excel in the fine jewelry industry, so she motivated him to found the Gavello brand in the late 1970s. Rinaldo Gavello was creative, had a vision, and believed in his wife’s intuition. He saw that jewelry of the time was purely decorative, too traditional, and very limited in variety. Fueled by a passion for jewelry akin to his adoration for Martha, Rinaldo set forth on a journey to create unique and elegant pieces that would redefine the concept of jewelry altogether.

More than forty years later, the Gavello brand has stood the test of time, and continues to create fine Italian jewelry esteemed for its simplicity, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship. Through focusing on the utilization of uncommon materials, ergonomics, and design that follows the lines of the body, Gavello invented a brand of jewelry that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional: each piece fits the human form and its movements in such a way that the wearer is never inhibited by the jewelry.

Gavello Collections

This brand epitomizes refined beauty and avant-garde fashion. Gavello uses modern technology with unparalleled artisan techniques to bring fine jewelry to life as it is worn. Recent collections exhibit palpable pendants and rings with vibrant colored stones and jewels, backdropped by artfully detailed precious metals.

They have since expanded to include a sister brand, Very Gavello, which appeals to a youthful audience with a more graphic approach to design. Very Gavello touches on a tasteful gothic flair, implementing bold black crosses in rose gold rings, pendants, and earrings. Other jewelry designs from Very Gavello incorporate simple silhouettes of symbols: four leaf clovers, stars, eyes, wings, skulls, crowns, hearts, and more.

The overall impression the Gavello brand jewelry gives off is one of the dichotomies of refinement and daring confidence. One such pair of earrings that embodies this spirit are composed of stunning rose-colored quartz gems that are set in gold, in such a way that the quartz appears to be embraced on either side by the precious metal. Two small diamonds placed delicately in the gold casing of each earring glimmer brilliantly when caught in the light.

If you would like to buy authentic Gavello jewelry online with us, you can trust that every transaction will be completed smoothly and securely. We provide a full refund to any customer who isn’t pleased with the jewelry he or she receives, with no questions asked.

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