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If you want to buy authentic Fred of Paris jewelry online, Luxury Bazaar has a wide array of this luxury jewelry brand’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We update our Fred of Paris inventory each day and even have many of the brand's mesmerizing pieces available for great prices.

About the Founding and Legacy of Fred of Paris

Fred of Paris, a luxury jewelry designer that also goes simply by “FRED,” was founded in 1936 by 28-year-old Fred Samuel, the son of a French jeweler who had emigrated to Argentina. He opened his first store at number 6 Rue Royale in Paris, next to the Place de la Concorde, and marketed himself as a “Modern Jewelry Designer” who created pieces that matched the latest fashion trends. Even though Samuel ended up spending most of his professional life in Paris, the spirit of South America remained with him and inspired every element of his life’s work.

A Jewelry Brand Inspired by the World’s Most Precious Gems and Stones

While traveling, Samuel became inspired by a type of pearl that he found cultivated in Japan. Not long after that, he went on to became an expert on pearls and started collecting some of the most stunning specimens all over the world. Because of Samuel’s pursuit of these gems, the brand’s signature color, a pink-infused white, was born.

Admirers of this luxury brand may also know how it’s long been credited with creating stones of color. This came about during the 1950s when the Royals of Nepal asked Samuel to create colorful stone pieces for the court. Samuel’s passion for stones also reached its peak in 1977 when he unveiled the Golden Sun, a light-yellow diamond that weighed over 100 carats, and is still considered to be one of the most extraordinary across the globe.

A Jeweler for the Artists

Since the beginning, Fred of Paris has been a favorite jewelry designer amongst celebrities, rock stars, and royalty. In fact, the brand quickly became known as the jeweler of the artists and the cinema, and even celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly became fans of his style. Because of this, the brand rapidly spread from Paris to the rest of the world. Fred of Paris also achieved even more fame in 1990 when Julia Roberts wore a sublime necklace that boasted 23 heart cut rubies interlaced by diamonds in the film “Pretty Woman.”

Today, this high-end luxury brand is still very popular amongst celebrities and luxury jewelry connoisseurs, and their artisans continue to create jewels, engagement rings, diamonds, and many other luxury accessories. The brand’s design concept is still based on the founder’s idea that every jewel “rejects clichés and the fine lines match a woman’s sensuality.” It’s not hard to see why all their creations continue to embody elegance and modernity. Their design aesthetics still push boundaries by remaining daring and free, while holding onto their hallmark elegance. To learn more about or to buy authentic Fred of Paris jewelry online from Luxury Bazaar, feel free to click on the Fred of Paris piece you’re most interested in.
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