Franc Vila

Franc Vila is known for making watches which are modern in design, but which possess a traditional vitality. From the strap and casing to the rotors and screws, each watch is finely handcrafted to produce an intricate luxury timepiece. Franc Vila watches are made using the latest nanotechnology to deliver an exceptional watch that anyone can wear. Behind these luxury watches, Franc Vila started as a collector of watches and fountain pens. In the year 2000, he began to produce innovative watches using his background in arts and education in chemistry. His first watches were made from stainless steel with dial designs, and later evolved into luxury timepieces that are characterized by a unique esprit. Franc Vila watches are full of liveliness. His passion and creativity has made him one of the best makers of high-end watches alive today.

Because of the uniqueness of his creations, Franc Vila watches are sold in a number of countries throughout the world. Swiss-made Franc Vila watches unify adventurism with aesthetic perfectionism. What makes Franc Vila watches so desirable is their attention to detail, whether it be the addition of gold to every piece, the intricate designs, or diamonds cut perfectly to fit the soft wrist of a woman.

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Cobra Grand Date Chronograph
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