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The modern world of jewelry is filled with influence from technology and current fashions, but not every jewelry designer consigns to sticking with what is trendy: Elizabeth Locke Jewels draws on much more ancient aesthetics, bringing the antique into the modern age. Here at Luxury Bazaar, we offer jewelry to compliment every person’s unique style and design interests. Our Elizabeth Locke Jewelry collection is one that will certainly pique your curiosity!

The Elizabeth Locke Jewels brand was created in 1988 by none other than Elizabeth Locke herself. In fact, she still hand selects every stone and designs each piece of jewelry personally. Her fascination with the jewelry of ancient Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans led to a career in handcrafted fine jewelry. All of the Elizabeth Locke’s pieces are designed to be a neo-classical artistic statement, inspired by the impressive use of gold throughout history.

Gold Jewelry: The New Antique

Gold is a precious metal that has been coveted for its malleability, resistance to corrosion, and sheer beauty since 5000 B.C.E. It has graced the sarcophaguses of pharaohs, the cuffs and necklaces of the Mayans, and the crowns of royalty since the beginning of written language. Most ancient cultures prized gold jewelry and art for its value, including the Sumer civilization, the Minoan civilization, and the Nazca society.

The ancients believed that gold was a sign of longevity, power, and even of blessings from the divine. Today, gold is still held in high esteem, treasured for its worth, and used in the crafting of fine art and jewelry. The use of eighteen karat yellow gold, luminescent gemstones, and Venetian glass intaglios make the Elizabeth Locke Jewels collection at Luxury Bazaar stand out.

Global Treasures:

To find the most uncommon treasures to add to her jewelry, Elizabeth Locke travels around the globe to auctions, antique shows, and markets. Artifacts of a different time are not just incorporated into her designs, but sometimes they are the basis of the design itself.

Some of the examples of these global treasures being used in Elizabeth Locke Jewels are:
19th Century micro-mosaics
18th Century Chinese gambling counters
Antique Japanese porcelain buttons

With the help of 35 Thai goldsmiths, each of these treasures are turned into one-of-a-kind artworks that can be worn and cherished for their incomparable value. With Elizabeth Locke Jewels, no piece of jewelry is exactly alike, because no customer is the same.

In the modern age, it can be difficult to find the right jewelry to invest in. In conservative work environments such as law, finance, or technology, the effect of a simple suit and shirt can be drastically altered by the addition of a simple statement piece, such as a brooch. One of the charming yellow gold brooches from Elizabeth Locke Jewels in our online boutique is made with genuine pearl, colorful gemstones, and an ancient coin framed as a small pendant. If you are interested in buying authentic Elizabeth Locke jewelry online, Luxury Bazaar offers some of the most unique pieces available at unrivaled prices.
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