Doris Panos

Tracing back many generations Doris Panos' family was involved in the art of jewelry making.

Though her father was a dentist, all of her uncles were jewelers, therefore it was inevitable for her to follow in the family tradition and put her creative talent to work.

She began by apprenticing at the bench and learning the intricate engineering techniques that are involved in the manufacturing process. From the beginning she had a talent and understanding of how things worked. After working in the gemstone market for three years and having acquired the knowledge of production and gemology necessary, it was time to tackle the retail and corporate ends.

After adding to her experience by working in retail stores like Saks 5th Avenue and learning the retail side of jewelry and gaining confidence in what she liked and the trends that were current, she launched Doris Panos Designs, LTD. in 1993. In a very short period of time Doris earned the respect and admiration of her peers with her distinctive style and versatile creations. Her name and designs landed her a reputation of a well-branded designer.

“The Woman who Dares to be Different” is the woman who appreciates the uniqueness of the Doris Panos collection.
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