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Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of de Grisogono watches, was born in 1952 and is the mastermind behind the captivating and indulgent de Grisogono watch creations. A curious and artistic boy, Gruosi grew up in Florence, Italy, and left school to pursue his dreams of becoming the ultimate fine jewelry designer. Since his start in 1993, Gruosi has captivated the world with his authentic and beautiful pieces.

Marching to the beat of his own drum, in 1996, Gruosi introduced the black diamond collection. At this time, black diamonds were an unexplored gem. Although black diamonds are very difficult to cut and polish, Gruosi was not intimidated by this daunting task. He went exploring around the world to find these exquisite diamonds until he collected enough to start his experiment. Gruosi then employed a team of black diamond cutters in Antwerp, turning the diamonds into jet-black sparklers. One of Gruosi’s finest accomplishments, the black diamond collection, is now for sale all over the world.

Because of his monumental success in the world of jewelry manufacturing, Gruosi ventured into his second passion, watch-making. The authentic de Grisogono brand was growing at a rapid rate, and by 2000 Gruosi had once again outdone himself with the creation of a luxurious and breathtaking men's watch line. One of his first watch models, the Instrumento No Uno, was set in a combination of black and white diamonds and colored stones. These timepieces were square in shape and also showcased a second time zone. The Instrumento No Uno collection was a remarkable success and launched for sale all over the world. In the present day, this very watch continues to be a bestseller in all of Gruosi’s timepiece collections.

Coined “The King of Black Diamonds,” Gruosi is well known for taken the path less traveled. Where some saw imperfection, Gruosi saw an opportunity. The world was fascinated by the authentic and unique pieces the de Grisogono brand was churning out. Year after year, new watch collections were born.

In 2001, the feminine counterpart to his initial watch design, Instrumentino, was for sale. By 2007, the Chopard equity stake was bought out by de Grisogono, giving Fawaz Gruosi full ownership of the brand. Because of this, the company built a new and improved larger watchmaking site. New boutiques were also consistently popping up all over the world.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his very first collection, in 2010, Gruosi reinvented the Instrumento No Uno with a Pop Art twist.

From a young boy with no design experience in Florence, Italy, to a world renowned jewelry designer icon, Fawaz Gruosi has undoubtedly left his mark on the watchmaking industry. Through countless intricate and one of a kind timepieces, to the discovery of icy diamonds and black diamonds, the de Grisogono brand will live on forever.

Luxury Bazaar offers a wide variety of Fawaz Gruosi’s unique collection. You can now buy de Grisogono watches online at your convenience. Gruosi claims he never thought in a million years his watchmaking business would take off. Today, he keeps his prices down and is always original. Please browse our extensive de Grisogono inventory to fulfill all of your watch needs.
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